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How to Remove Newborn Baby Face Hair? Feature Image
Photo Editing

How to Remove Newborn Baby Face Hair?

Parents never want to miss the opportunity to capture their precious moment of life when their child is born. Being beloved, they invite professional children photographer to capture their baby photos. Whereas, a newborn photographer requires a lot of patience and skill to capture the perfect photos.

Deowan Shimul Avatar
Jan 30, 2018
Tips for Food Photography Editing Feature Image

Tips for Food Photography Editing

Food photography has become a modern trend for food lovers. Photographers are more passionate about taking yummy and mouth-watering images now than ever before. Whatever it entails, making a perfect food styling equipping the right props, is a torturous task. Therefore, I am going to brief the essential tips for chilling food images from photography to editing.

Color Clipping Portal Avatar
Jan 13, 2018