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Camera in Mind, Camera in Hand

In earlier these days, one of my friends asked me that what camera I should choose to buy. I am a bit of confused; please help me to buy a good one. As I was known to this kind of questions, I started to overview him all the things about the came... Read More

The Beach Photography Secrets

My first beach experience is a magical one. It is the first time I experience an abundance of sand. It was also my first time where I was allowed to jump in the water without any problem or issue. As a nature Photographer, it was a great experien... Read More

Reputed Brands for 24-70mm Lens

Through my Photography career, I have seen that most of the experienced mates of mine choose 24-70mm lenses. This choice is so significant if they are asked to use only one lens without any hesitation every time they select this fascinating lens. ... Read More

DSLR Camera Buying Guide 2018

Which camera to buy? Lots of people have asked me this question. It’s natural that people are being concerned before camera buying. Because DSLR is not a cheap tool that you can buy instantly if your income is not that much high. So, here is my... Read More

Practicing Mobile Photography

Smartphones have become the go-to cameras to take photos in our daily life. Now a day’s phone camera comes with intelligent and quality settings. For that, like me During mobile photography, you need to be careful about some basic things. Pr... Read More

Camera Settings And Flash Power

For Portrait photography, it is the primary thing to know about the camera settings and flash power. My experience affirms it. But using camera flash may not go right as you think. Here, my few thoughts, how can you properly use your flash for gettin... Read More

Master Photography Awards 2018

The Master Photographers Association (MPA) is known as the qualifying platform for professional photographers to show their talent to the world. This is a photographers’ community whose fundamental goal is to support and train professional or a... Read More

How to Sell Photography

Photography has become a popular business in recent time. The rise of technology and internet have made marketers and businesses to use photography day to day. Moreover, at present, people have become more interested in creativity than past days. Now... Read More