How to Do Newborn Frog Pose Photoshoot Safely?

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Photography Jan 26, 2023

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How to Do Newborn Frog Pose Photoshoot Safely

Newborn Frog Pose is legit a hyped pose among parents. It takes a lot of effort in both pre & post-production, but the outcome melts us nonetheless. The newborn froggy pose is difficult to set since babies are too fragile. As a photographer, your concern is to perfect the shot keeping the baby safe & sound. You need to be a professional newborn photographer and the parents must have neonate safety training to do this pose safely.

What Is the Newborn Froggy Position?

The Froggy position is the newborn on their elbows, leaning forward resting their chin on their hands. The legs are set carefully from both sides to give the shape of a frog leg. This composes the adorable cheeks of the baby beautifully and its tiny body like a frog.

You don’t take a Froggie pose in one shot, It is absolutely composite photography. If you are wondering, what is a composite image? It means two or more snaps of different poses combined together in photo post-processing to make one photo. You need to click several shots and then merge the layers for the ultimate portrayal.

Preparation for Froggie Pose

Normally newborn photoshoots are good between the first and second week of the baby’s birth. At first, we need to check if the baby is comfortable with getting photographed. The parents need to be safety trained; very important. We need to ensure everything the baby needs are packed with the parents at the venue. The parents need to understand to assist in posing and supporting the baby. You might get shots more effectively if the parents/ caregiver can help you make poses.

On an important note, make sure the baby is sleeping. A sleeping baby rather than an active one will be much easier to work with. Use baby snoo, white noise, pacifier, toys whatever is needed to lull the baby to sleep or keep calm. The white noise of the womb sound is the mimicry of the sound inside the womb to make the baby feel safe. If the baby is awake and comfortable to pose, then you should be ok.

How to Execute the Froggy Newborn Pose

Keep your hand always on the baby- never ever you can remove the adult hand off the baby. Set them in the posture and click photos. Merge the snaps to remove your hand from the images in post-processing. Here any of the parents might help to support the baby’s body with their hands.

1. Place the baby Safely on its belly

At first, place the baby safely on a bean bag on its belly. Slowly arrange the little hands underneath the head. Make the baby frog leg position gently.

Place the baby Safely on its belly

2.Support the baby’s head with your hand

Lift & support the baby’s chin & hands with your hand, cause you don’t let the baby itself hold the head for a second, never! Careful, Okay? Take some quick snaps there.

Support the baby’s head with your hand

3. Support the baby’s head from above

Use a bean bag to put the baby on. The baby is securely placed on the bean bag. Now place your hand on the baby’s head, balance & support from above. Click Photos from different angles.

Support the baby’s head from above

4. Take froggy photos from different angles

Take snaps from sides, and fronts even from the back as long as the baby is not irritated or not getting harmed by any means. If you would like to add props, or change props, go ahead and make different settings. Don’t forget to take snaps of the little toes, the face on the hands. Pay attention to details like, are the fingers or foot visible? Will tilting or rotating the position makes anything better? Try everything safely.

Take froggy photos from different angles

5. Use Photoshop Composite to merge snaps

Finally, make the ultimate new born froggy pose photo by processing the snaps in Photoshop. If you are not an expert or don’t have enough time to do it, hire a newborn photo editing expert.

  • If the baby does not seem comfortable or flexible, leave the idea of a froggy pose
  • Don’t do this pose alone, have assistants and a caregiver with you

Capturing the Little Human Imitating a Frog

No wonder our galleries are filled with random photos of the little one. But that one baby’s first photoshoot day is precious. Let's look at, how we capture the essence of littleness in newborn photography.

Set your camera

Shooting a newborn requires a lot of patience and a sturdy camera. So prepare your camera first to make some heartwarming moments magical.

RAW photos: Take photos in RAW files since you have to edit the photos

Focus: Use single-point autofocus for customizing the focal point

White Balance: Match the light of the set with the right White Balance

Shutter Speed: A sleepy baby is not going to move you don’t need a faster shutter speed. But to finish off the froggy pose fast you might want a faster shutter speed. An ideal shutter speed could be above 1/160 s. And yes, your camera shutter should be silent unless you want to startle the baby!

F- stops: For a creamy and gentle snap try f/2.8 and lower f stops. For sharp close-ups move to f/4.

ISO: Keep ISO lower, maybe the lowest to avoid grains or noises and to assemble the fast shutter speed.

(Pro tips: Use a greater shutter speed than the size of your lens. For an 100 mm lens use 1/100s.)

Set up the spot

We are mostly talking about the lights here. Because this is the core of having your best photos. In case of shooting in the nursery or anywhere indoors (which is most likely for newborn photography), we would rather prefer a soft and subtle light to compliment the adorableness.

Start with the natural daylight, that rays of softy sunshine illuminating the little sweetheart from a 45-degree angle. Move on with your favorite lights. Everyone might have their own choice of lighting. But be careful about choosing too much lighting least that might hurt the baby’s eyes.


Instead of using different colors, use a single neutral color theme. Some deeper shades as in: gray, teal, mahogany, lavender, and navy are my first choice. What color is in your mind? Give it a try, none knows what may click!


I actually am not a big fan of using props loudly in newborn photography. Anything that might take away the shine of our subject is a big no. Unless it’s a special toy or if it enhances the beauty of the photo, I would say, keep it simple. Let's focus on capturing the little one smiling in a froggy pose only, right?

Last but not least, if you are a new parent or newborn photography enthusiast I have a cool suggestion for you! Keep your camera ready and click every precious moment. Even if you are not a pro and you can't have one around 24/7, you can still turn them into mesmerizing by editing. So, capture those little moments and send them to a professional photo editor. Be ready to see how the magic happens!



Froggy pose is honestly a challenging task to do, babies are very fragile and can get hurt easily. If you are not a professional it could be risky to make it done. Being cautious is vital and taking the help of parents can make it easier. If the baby resists, that means somewhere it is not okay with the pose, so you should not proceed to do this if you see any sign.
A warm place is preferable for newborn babies. Prepare a room with at least 70 degrees warm to make a cozy set for newborn photography.
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