How to Make Frame for Photo Booth | DIY in 4 Steps

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How-to-Make-Frame-for-Photo Booth

Thinking of having a smashing photo booth for a superb event? Think no more, I know how to nail it. And you know what I know, cause I am going to tell you how to make frame for photo booth now! Let’s do it!

DIY Photo Booth Frame

Your photo booth must have a frame or maybe a few frames of different designs. Your guests love taking photos & different types of frames will make them happier. How to make a photo booth frame seems like a tough question but trust me, it is the easiest thing you will ever do! And the fun you will have and the memory you will seize in the document, will be cherished forever.

1. Plan Your Theme for the Photobooth

At first you need to have a theme for the day, depending on the party type. You have total independence for your homemade DIY photo booth frame. If you are doing it for a birthday party it will have a different mood than a wedding day. Then again, a kid’s birthday theme would be different from a teen's. For an outdoor event you can have bigger frames but inside you might want to use little frames.So having a theme will make it easier.

2.Collect Materials for Photo Booth Diy Frame

Arrange materials for your photo booth frame project. First, you will need a foam board. For measuring the frame get a measuring tape or a ruler. Get a pencil to mark the size and shape. You will also need a craft knife, sandpaper, glue & sticky tape.


3. Design Your Frame

At first take a hardboard to place underneath the foam you will work on. Then time to measure the frame. Do you want a simple square frame to make frame for photo booth? Then mark the foam in a size you want or to compliment your photobooth backdrop. But if you want to cut in different shapes, draw that shape on the foam. Now take your craft knife and cut on the marked line. Make sure you are cutting smoothly without messing with the shape. Keep enough borders on the side to decorate.

Now gently push and bring out the cut piece of the frame. Looks like you got your frame? Pretty much, but we have got some more work to do! You need to sand the freshly cut edges of the frame and smoothen it to avoid any accidents. Use sandpaper and carefully even out the edges. Finally, add your decor items and design your frame to your heart's content!

4. Decorate the Frame

Decorating sounds fun. But a thoughtful and meaningful presentation will make your guest cherish this event significantly. Include some precious little detail, a note, or maybe some other pictures of your lost family members. It is the place where you can work as you wish.

Pro tips

Use the old photo frames in your house for your photo booth. Would not it be a COOL idea?

Closing the DIY guide on how to make frame for photo booth with a reminder to prepare your props to pose with. To compliment your frame make sure your photo booth backdrop is properly decorated. And yes, have you thought of trying different photo frames? For my last birthday, I used a branch of a tree, hung a macrame dreamcatcher, a moon painting on the back, and a subtle bluish light! Oh boy! how mesmerizing and dreamy the photos came out! Yes, you can be totally experimental without hesitation.


Use paper to make a flower and stick it on the frame. You can buy ribbons and make different bows, and flowers or simply stick them on the frame. Writing down something on the frame is the best idea. Write down your text on white paper and then cut it out. Use a color that pops up in the frame. You can also put some fairy lights around the frame.
In 30 minutes you can have a gorgeous DIY photo booth frame. To make a simple frame you will need 10-15 minutes. But adding complex props for decoration may take time. If you are doing photo booth props by yourself then you might need time for planning to do, consider 1 to 2 hours approximately!
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