Terms of Service

Last Modified: 15 September 2020

Welcome to Color Clipping

Before you start with our Company or create an account with ColorClipping, please read the following Terms of Service sincerely. These Terms of Service are a full guide to your access and rights. This document is the agreement between You (Client) and Color Clipping Ltd. (Service Provider). All the applicable conditions are expressed here in full detail. Any violation of Terms of Service may lead the agreement terminated. And you take the total liabilities, ColorClipping is not responsible for any dispute.

The terms mentioned in our website “us” or “we” or “our” or “CC” or “ColorClipping” or “Color Clipping” means Color Clipping Ltd.

A “Visitor” means who had come to our website/Service pages through browsing the Internet yet not a registered client of our Portal.

A “Verified Member” is an individual or Company who has registered as our client with proper verification.

Our “Service” recommends the functionality that we offer to our Clients by the Website.

“Content” means the collection of images, word, data, information, and charts visible throughout the Website to the visitors, users, members, or clients. All contents and design of content viewable on our Website are Copyright. You can NOT modify/change/redesign any Content of our Website.

Any violation in using content, infringement, or copy-paste without our concern is prohibited and unlawful. Proper legal action will be taken for Copyright Violation.

1. Our Services

Color Clipping Ltd. Provides photo editing services using Adobe Photoshop and Advanced Graphic Design Tools and Techniques. With our services, we help our clients to enhance the perfection in photos.

We offer professional photo editing services such as – Clipping Path, Background Remove, Shadow Making, Image Masking, Photo Retouching, Headshot Retouch, Jewelry Retouch, E-commerce Editing, Newborn Photo Editing, Ghost Mannequin, Image Recoloring, Real State Photo Editing, School Photo Editing and on-demand photo editing services.

With ColorClipping portal Service, you can upload/download photos and submit the image link. After you have sent the images and make the payment, we will process images as per instructions and deliver them on-time. We provide images by FTP, WeTransfer, Dropbox, and Google Drive or any way you prefer.

2. Our Pricing

Our price and package showing on the website is the sample guide illustrating only the price range. The final price for the services depends on the complexity of images, turnaround time, and rush hour delivery.

You agree to pay for an additional processing fee (PayPal processing fee if the order invoice amount is under or equal to 5 USD).

All standard prices listed on the Website are subject to change without any prior notice.

How we Define Complexity?

Below are the details of complex images

  • Greater curves
  • Complex shape
  • Fine-edge details
  • The image contains lots of holes, spaces, dots, wrinkles, spots, hair fur
  • Old images which are wholly or partially- tore, ripped, burnt, soaked
  • Image contains lots of details
  • Complicate retouching required
  • Multiple objects in an image

3. My Account

To make order processing easy and simple, we have created the Portal. Through your Portal “Account,” you can create your order, provide image editing instructions, make a secure payment, and upload/download images. Also, you can go through the Order History, Completed Order, Unpaid Invoice, Total Due, Latest Order, and Latest Invoice.

How to use the Portal account?

- Do not share your password, account details with anyone

- You can submit images or files, in any format (JPG. JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, AI, TIF, TIFF, PDF, CRW, CR2, DNG, NEF, RAW, RW2) up to 5 GB. If the file size is bigger than 5 GB, contact us.

- After receiving the order details, we will check the details. We will notify you by a confirmation e-mail of the order. If complexity is higher than you mention in the instructions – price and the turnaround time will be increased.

- We will notify You by e-mail when the image processing will be completed. Then you can download images if you have made payment.

- Every order submitted by you must be subject to ACCEPTANCE by us. And you are bound to agree that such acceptance may be withheld at our absolute discretion.

- You can NOT cancel any Order after we have start processing Order. If we have started processing orders, it will be commenced as a regular order.

- You cannot modify/revise the order instructions or turnaround time after being processed or delivered to you

- You cannot modify/revise the order instructions or turnaround time after being processed or delivered to you.

- If you get our free trial service and ask for a quotation, an account on your name will be created in our Portal.

4. Submission

We follow some terms while you are submitting images to provide a better service. At the time of submission, you are agreeing that you will NOT place or send any of the following photos or material regarded using our Service:

  • Any image that is pornographic, abusive, inappropriate, harm against any individual or group, provoking racism, unlawful
  • Any image that is sent from an anonymous or false address
  • Any image that is violated by our rules and regulation
  • Any image that is conflicting with our publicity, copyrights, or intellectual rights without the permission of our legal rights
  • Any image stimulating abnormal behavior of a child under the age of 18 or in other words considered child pornography
  • Any image which supports a terrorist organization

ColorClipping is NOT responsible for any type of content and images provided by the clients. We have the rights in its prudence to (1) move, delete or edit the submission (2) take appropriate action against the misuse of our Services.

For the copyright claim, we reserve the right to suspend the viewing and display of images until the issue has been solved. If any unlawful activity is claimed against any of our clients, we will share the information with the government organization and law enforcement authorities or third parties.

5. Payment

Our prices are quoted in US dollar ($) on the website. However, you can pay us in USD ($), Euro (€), Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), and British Pound (£). All payments other than USD is subject to be made in the converted price as per the currency rate.

We accept PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, you can pay us from your Account directly. If you don’t have any, then you can pay by debit or credit card.

Moreover, you can pay us by cheque, American Express, Discover Card, Master Card, Visa Card, and Bank transfer. In this case, some conditions will be applied.

You should complete the payment before we start the work or at the end of the project while editing is completed. Without paying us in full amount, you CANNOT download the final output.

Payment Processing with Calif Business LLC

We process payment through Calif Business LLC. So your payment would be collected by Calif Business which will be shown in your PayPal account. However, Color Clipping is the ONLY authority to resolve any claim and issue related to your payment, pricing, and refund. For any problems regarding payment, you can e-mail us at [email protected].

6. Refund

If we have edited precisely as per the order instructions, but you are dissatisfied with the final output, a refund will NOT be issued. If you want to edit slightly or make more little adjustment to photos, you can ask for Redo/Revision; BUT no refund will be issued.

We are always ready to refund and make you satisfied with our services as long as your refund request follows below terms:

- We accept refund requests within seven days after completion of the order.

- If you do not request for refund within seven days, automatically, your chance of getting a refund will be canceled.

- No refund applicable if you take edited images with layer files.

7. Free Trial

We offer a free trial for anyone who has few or bulk images for post-processing. You can test the first one image as a free trial for all services.

For a free trial, you can get the photo retouching, photo recoloring, clipping path, background remove, teeth enhancement, skin retouching, jewelry retouching, exposure adjustment, image masking, wrinkles remove, object remove and any simple photo retouching services. For a free trial, we offer only simple image retouching, and instructions should NOT be complex.

We do NOT offer any sophisticated or high-end level photo editing for a free trial. But If you have bulk images and require a complex image to be retouched, contact us.

You must provide all the information – Full Name, E-mail, Phone, Country, Service- (Clipping Path, Background Remove, Multi-Path, Image Masking, Shadow Making, Ghost Mannequin, Cropping & Resizing, Image Recoloring, Headshot Retouching), Total Image in the Project, Instructions. After your details being verified, we will start image processing for a free trial.

If you get our free trial service, an account on your name will be created in Portal automatically.

8. Get a Quote

You will get a free quote if you want to know our pricing. To get a free quotation, you will need to fill a form and submit it. Considering your image quantity, retouching complexity, and delivery time – we will send you a quote.

We provide a quotation showing the price in USD ($) on your “Get a Quote” query. Also, you can get the quotation price in your local currency on request.

If you get a quote, an account on your name will be created in Portal automatically.

9. Image Daily Capacity

We have mentioned the highest number of images we can deliver per day on the website. This doesn’t ensure that you will get that number of images for your order. Considering our ongoing clients' orders, your order may be delayed. You can’t expect us to retouch complex photos in big volume daily as we are processing other clients’ orders.

The daily capacity of our designers estimates delivery time shown on the Website. We are NOT subject to legal action for any delay caused by accidental matters beyond our control.

10. Image Delivery

Sunday is our office holiday – all activity is off. Therefore, if you order on Saturday, you will get your images on Monday. However, you can arrange an extra shift on Sunday with an additional charge. In that case, you have to contact us before creating your order and pay extra shift charge.

Image delivery time may be subject to delay if any natural calamity, regional issues, and national disasters occur. And we take no responsibility for being late in image delivery due to unprecedented causes.

11. Revision/Redo Policy

CC offers multiple revisions after you have downloaded images within seven (07) days. After the seven days, you won’t be able to get any revision or redo.

- Revision should not conflict/differ/alter with the original instruction that you have provided while creating the order.

- If there is a conflict with the primary instruction, then it will be considered a new order.

- Revision should NOT be contradictory to the original Order instructions of editing photos.

- If you demand a bulk revision, you need to contact us immediately.

- We will redo your order in the case ONLY - you ask for slight editing or enhancement in the photos. Redo doesn’t mean we will edit photos following a new instruction provided by you (which was not mentioned in the instruction).

- If you ask for a redo with new instructions, a new order will be created and adjusted with your order invoice.

- If you are not happy with the final output, then only you can ask for a redo. But it is applicable if you take images without a layer in JPG, PNG, and JPEG.

12. Photo Replacement

We do NOT accept photo replacement after the order is placed. If you send the image wrong, you should NOT ask us to edit another photo editing for free as a replacement. It is your responsibility for the consequences of uploading the wrong images. However, if you want to replace your photos, you can contact us.

If images are in the processing stage, then you CANNOT replace photos.

13. Image Backup

We offer a ONE (01) month image backup. If your images are deleted after ONE month from our system backup, we take no responsibility for your data. You can’t blame us for your lost data after ONE month.

14. Settlement

We always offer negotiations with our clients. Disputes can occur from the beginning of the project to the completion. If there is any dispute, we happily offer our clients’ settlement about contractual disputes.

15. Business Collaboration with Calif Business LLC

Color Clipping works collaboratively with Calif Business LLC, a registered private company in the United Arab Emirates. On 15th November 2021, an agreement was signed between Calif Business LLC and Color Clipping Ltd.

As per the Agreement, Calif Business is a outsource business partner and agreed to work as an international business solution provider to process payment and develop business on behalf of Color Clipping.

However, in any form of legal decision to be made, Color Clipping has the total liability and responsibility ONLY; Calif Business CANNOT force, influence, or act in making decisions for Color Clipping.

As a user of Color Clipping, you comply with the collaboration of Color Clipping with Calif Business.

16. Cancellation and Termination

ColorClipping reserves the right to cancel the order/service or terminate the deal or suspend the Account at any time.

We will suspend any account or terminate business if we prove that it has been used to abuse our Services. We will also suspend your Account if you seem suspicious. And asking to cancel a running project without a valid reason will terminate the business.

17. Acknowledgment

As this Terms of Service may be changed from time to time, you are bound to keep in agreement with the update. You can use ColorClipping Services, acknowledging the Terms of Service fully and aggreging to any updates. Any violation of these arrangements may result in the termination of your Account.