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ColorClipping is Photo Editing and Retouching Services Provider. Our head office is located in the United Kingdom and production house is in Bangladesh.

The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales certifies that ColorClipping is an all types of photo post-production services provider private company incorporated under the Companies Act 2006. Our company registration number is 10296706.

Our general office hour is Monday to Saturday, working three shifts. However, our support team is online for 24×7×365. Sunday is our off day. In emergency cases or project work, you can get services even at the weekend with extra charge.

Yes, if you need our services during the Weekend, you must contact us in prior notice that’ll charge you extra money. But for International holidays, we are open as usual for editing your photos.

We offer the most flexible editing options and plans in the market. You will conveniently get your images, pay us flexibly, and you can always adjust price – everything you get as you need with quality photo-post processing services. We never compromise quality and support to our clients. So, you will get the premium services in a quick time at an affordable price.

You can start your big volume project with us. For project-based work, we offer dedicated expert designers.


Our free trial offers you to edit one photo per service before starting with us. We offer a free trial that you can judge the photo editing quality. We prefer simple editing while you are getting free trial services. To learn more, read our Free Trial Policy Section on Terms of Services Page.

To send a free trial image, Click Here to share image file size upto 300MB. For a large image, you can contact [email protected].

You can retouch one image from each of our services for free trial.

Our general turnaround time is 24hrs. Also, we offer express services within 6hrs, 12hrs, and 18hrs with extra charge. For project-based work, we send images as it is mentioned in the signed agreement. Image delivery depends on how busy is our production house. That means if our production house is full of work – you will get images in a few hour's delays. However, for emergency cases and you need images in rush hour, the price will be higher than the regular price. We guarantee you will get images on-time for every order except a few emergency cases.

We always prioritize your demand. You can get the services within a couple of hours (2 to 3 hours) or even quicker. Output delivery depends on the number of images and the complexity of editing services. For a rush-hour job, we charge more than our flexible-time pricing.

We deliver images within 24 hours. But image delivery totally depends on how busy our production house. That means if our production house is full of work – you will get images in a few hour's delays. However, for emergency cases and you need images in rush hour, the price will be higher than the regular price. We guarantee you will get images on-time for every order except a few emergency cases.

We never delay on delivering images to our clients. Our designers are working to serve you quality service, maintaining the schedule. But Sunday is our weekend. For this case only, we will deliver images on Monday, if you quote on Saturday. If you need services on Sunday, we will manage an extra shift for you and you must contact us in prior notice. And, for project-based work, per day, image delivery capacity will be fixed upon discussion.

If you are not satisfied with our works, then we do offer you redo. To know more about our redo options, please read our terms of services.

After reviewing the image output, you can ask for a redo. Redo means you can get retouching only to enhance the image by a slight retouching only on those services that were mentioned in your Order. We charge no cost for redo work.

If you need to modify retouching instructions, number of images, delivery time or any alterations that were not mentioned in the Order – it is defined as Correction. Any correction will be counted a new Order and you have to pay likewise or adjust payment with your Order.


Create your account on our Portal to get photo editing services quickly.

At first, you have to create an account on our Portal. On your account dashboard, click the button to “Place Order”

Click “Forgot Password” to reset your Account password.

Thorugh our Portal account, you can transfer a large amount of data conveniently and quickly. Also, you can get a personal FTP account. Moreover, if you wish, you can use third party data transfer methods like WeTransfer, Dropbox, YouSendIt, or whichever you prefer the most.

Yes, you can send all types of image file formats. We always appreciate .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tif, .zip, .rar. .psd. We also accept camera raw format, but for that, we charge some extra price. Please always avoid .exe format.

No. There is no limitation for sending a big volume of images. You can send images through Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive and Portal (Whichever way is easy for you).

If your image quantity or file size is big or you need a secure and quick transfer, then ColorClipping provides an FTP account whenever you ask for it.

Yes, we provide an unlimited space FTP account. We prefer to get informed about your file size and how much space you need.

Pricing & Payment

In case you are unsure which plan you should choose for image editing, contact us immediately. Our support team will guide you and suggest the best editing option and plan for you. Whatever projects you have – we will get it done for you at your convenience.

We check image complexity manually and fix price depending on the complexity. See our Terms of Services Pricing section for more details.

We have fixed our price at the minimum range and offer not only quality editing services but also instant support and redo multiple times. Whereas, we never ask for a special price for support and redo. We only receive the payment for your editing services. If you consider time, quality, support and services, our company is cheaper comparing to any other company in the market.

You can pay us as your photo editing is completed. You can Login to your account, pay us, and download images. Without any payment, you CANNOT download any photos.

You can pay us through PayPal. Also, you can pay us via credit cards, wire PIN transfer (up to 4500$). And, you can send a direct bank transfer.

Our regular clients can pay us weekly, quarterly, or monthly. For project-based work, client can pay us in scheduled payment (payment interval and ratio should be fixed between the client and company). Clients have to pay the total amount before downloading the final output.

No. To download your images you have to make payment at first. In the case of our regular clients and project-based work, you can pay at flexible payment – but it has to be agreed by the both party (company and client).

Privacy & Security

ColorClipping keeps all the images securely. We understand that images are valuable to you. With your permission only, we will use your images for our website portfolio page. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Project Base

Yes, we can handle your retouching project. On your demand, we can employ a dedicated team for your project. And, those selected retouchers will be working only for your project until the end.

Our expert DTP designers are doing a wide range of photo post-processing for clients around the world. From individual to the project-based job, from simple editing to high-end retouching, from daily basis task to rush-hour delivery, we are capable of providing every photo enhancing services for e-commerce websites. You can get editing for Amazon, eBay specified instruction with us. Our clients are listing products getting our e-commerce photo editing services.

Yes, we cordially appreciate you for a joint venture. If you require a dedicated team, you can hire a team of dedicated designers who will be available to do your editing work.

Yes, you can get photo editing services as per Amazon and eBay image requirements. We have many trusted clients who are working with us for many years to edit photos for Amazon and eBay. If you have projects or bundles of image editing, contact us to get the best deal.

Yes. Before starting your project, we will sign NDA or provide Legal Documents.


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