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News Apr 19, 2024

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Twitter is better than any other platform for selling. We spend hours and hours on social media platforms. It has gone to a point where we try to find everything on social media. Including Online shopping as well. We scroll and surf from page to page to find the right product that we have been searching for. It is also similar for the sellers as well. Sellers like jewelry sellers, need a platform to sell their products to authentic customers. Considering all the factors, I feel the best platform is X (Twitter) to Sell Jewelry. #LessScam…

Do you agree with me that the best platform is Twitter to sell jewelry? A survey shows that on average people spend an hour on Twitter in a week just in search of new products and services. And not to mention that Twitter has way more authentic users than other social media platforms. Looking at the statistics in 2023 Twitter has more than 335.70 million users with 330million+ active users. Quite a good amount to think of it as a customer-based platform.

X (Twitter) to Sell Jewelry

We are not talking about any products that can be taken as a good business product. We are here to talk about special jewelry products to sell. Twitter can be used as a very ‘tough cookie’ in my opinion when it comes to online business.

Facebook, Instagram, and other similar platforms might offer direct sales, whereas Twitter does not offer any kind of sales, which makes it even more authentic to showcase your jewelry or whatever product you want to work with.

But not any method or post will seal the deal. For that exact reason, I think it is a ‘tough cookie’ to break.

Twitter to Sell Jewelry

Analysis the Twitter Marketing

#What’sTrending? You have to find out the niche of a market while investing yourself in a business. What can blow up the business, what can destroy it, what risk is worth taking, and what needs to be thrown? You have to measure it all.

Since Twitter is also a social media platform and almost works on trendy topics, you have to keep up with the trends. It’s an easy calculation. Twitter is a massive platform with a massive audience and for surely you will find some tough competitors there. So, you have to bring your talent and x-factor to convince your audience.

1. Affordable Fashion Jewelry

Today’s generation is heavily influenced by the fashion industry. Mostly following or getting inspired by their favorite celebrity or influencer. From what they eat, what they are wearing to which brand they are spending money on. Everything is followed. Big fashion brands like Vogue, Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, and so on have a great influence on trends. The easiest way is to follow their page and style to grab the fashion industry’s river flow.

I’m not encouraging you to copy any brand's design. I’m saying to grab their trends. Follow their trends to stay relevant and attract their followers who are looking for similar jewels at an affordable price. Also, remember that affordable jewelry doesn’t mean to be cheap in quality. It might not meet the luxury aura but it has to meet the customers’ satisfaction.

2. Body Piercing Jewels

If you are a girl then you have 2-3 piercings and if you are someone with a bold personality then you might have more than 2. Piercing is something that can never go out of trend. Do whatever you want but jewels that need piercing will always find their way to sit at the top of body jewels.

What comes under these body jewels? And how to sell on Twitter? Well, the first thing that comes under the body jewel in the name of piercing jewels is rings. Earrings, nose rings, belly rings, nose pins, finger rings, belly chains, anklets, lockets, watches, bracelets, and so on. These are an easy grab.

If you are someone with good designs and a good fashion sense then you will be able to catch a great style that is compatible with the market. So, slay in the industry with your style.


3. Coated Jewels

Eyes are the best testers. You won’t buy anything, not even food if it doesn’t look good. If looks good to your eye, only then you will agree to spend your money on something. Even I myself, only buy when something soothes my eye.

Jewels are girls' best friends. And we girls love to have lots of best friends. To attract our eyesight, you have to show/present us with the best of your jewels. To ensure the best outlook in a budget-friendly pocket you can coat the jewels in attractive colors like silver, golden, copper, rose gold, and so on.

Jewels like nickel are inexpensive compared to other materials. It can be coated in silver or gold plated to achieve a fine outlook. This also helps to achieve an expensive look. Which most of the customers will like.

4. Handmade/Customizable Jewels

Who doesn’t like to have a touch of art in their jewels? If the art is made by themselves then the excitement jumps to level 10. So, try to provide such facilities.

I personally love customizable products. It gives me a sense of freedom to have control over my jewelry and priorities. And why not? Customizing my jewels by myself gives me freedom, give me the control over what I want to have in my jewels. Also customizing my jewelry will allow me to have a very unique piece that is barely gonna match or even come close to something that I have.

How to Sell Content on Twitter

The easiest and most effective way to sell anything is to provide what the customer is looking for. It can be a product that can make their life easier, or it can be an eye catchy/interactive image or content that might your audience like.

Remember, when you are running a shop that has to deal with the look of the product especially if a product enhances the outlook, then not only the product is important. The presentation of your product is important and mostly your product's branding, and marketing need to be top-notch.

But here we are talking about jewelry. Jewelries are not an easy thing to deal with. I very much know that. Especially jewelry photography needs a whole lot of setups for a 10mins photoshoot. And the hardest part is editing those jewelry photos. So, if you want to know the secret of how to sell jewelry on Twitter then follow a few steps…

Step 1: Photoshoot- capture the sparkles

Go for the photoshoot. jewelry photography is hard to achieve. It needs practice to earn that skill and perfection. You can also hire professional photographers, but that can be expensive sometimes. So, you can also do the photoshoot by yourself and leave the photo edit part to Color Clipping Ltd.

Color Clipping has a dedicated team just for your jewelry photo edits. Jewelry photo retouching is important for the branding of the company. If you want to sell content on Twitter then you have to put relevant and attractive pictures of your product. That’s why you just can’t skip this step.

Step 2: Grab Inspiration and Inspire Others

Go through a deep analysis of what your competitors are doing and what people like. Serve the audience what they want to see. If you can showcase what the audience loves or look for then bull’s eye! People will fall for your product. So, understanding the audience is important.

I know it can be tough to find or draw what people want from you. So, get inspiration from different pages. You will find tons of pages and profiles dedicated to the jewelry business. The best part about social media is you will instantly know the response of the audience through the reactions and comments of the post. It’s not mandatory to stick with Twitter only. You can also take inspiration from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many other social media platforms.

Don’t steal it, but if you do steal it like a pro. I often see people getting confused between getting inspired and stealing something from another artist. So, our intention is not to copy-paste the image or just change the subject and keep everything the same. We ain’t gonna do that. We will find out what audiences have liked about a specific post of image or service, then our job will be to provide a better version of that.

Step 3: Get a Team: Interact with People

Creating a profile was never enough. If you don’t interact with customers then why would they want to buy jewelry from you? The most effective way to know your audience and potential audience better is to talk with them. Have a conversation with them, ask for their feedback, and take notes from the feedback. It will be more interactive than anything. That’s why you would need a dedicated team to respond.

Get a Team: Interact with People

Step 4: Create Your Customer Service Stronger

Strong marketing can only work with strong customer service. Without strong customer care, it becomes very hard for a marketing team to maintain its reputation and bring new customers every time. Customer services are provided to have an impact on the strategy.

Why is it important you may ask, or how it will create an impact on the customers? Well, you see, selling the product is not the end of the business. A customer might have tons of questions regarding the product. Or even if you are providing services, people will have inquiries.

To create that safe space and transparent communication it’s important to build flexibility for the customers so that they can easily clear out their confusions and build trust for the company.


These steps will help you to reach your goals and create a strong brand that will have a great impact on the brand’s name and brand’s work. It works just like any other physical store or shop. You have to attract customers to your profile or page, then you have to convince them about your products and services and if they like your pitch they will seal the deal. But before sealing the deal and even after sealing the deal customers will have many inquiries that they will ask.

So, if you provide the best, you will eventually reach your goal. Twitter also works the same.


Create a Twitter account for your business. Put appealing pictures of your jewelry on the account to show it to the world. Then go through a proper marketing procedure and finally, create a team that will maintain the communication with the clients.
Depends. If you want to start a business or just want to explore the market then initially you don't need a business account. Your account will do the deed. But if you are thinking of opening a long-term business and creating a brand then you should create a business account. A business account provides more professionalism and allows you to access additional features like analytics and advertising.
It has to start with some quality images. Design your images by understanding your audience's desire. Create engaging content for your followers. And of course, constantly update your designs and quality.

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