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Welcome to Color Clipping

Quality Clipping Path, Retouching & Photoshop Editing Service 365/24/7

Why Choose US

Get the best offer of photo editing & enhancing - clipping path, masking, shadowing, neck joint, recolouring, and much more from the same company and Quality as per instruction

Super Fast ETA Within 4-6 hrs

Super Fast Delivery within 4 to 6 hrs. 100% quality assurance.

Fast ETA Within 6-12 hrs

Fast work delivery within 6 to 12 hrs. Please contact us for more details.

Express job within 12-18 hrs

Marginal price, Quality assurance, Instant work update.

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Our Expertise On

Photo clipping path service

Clipping Path Service

To cut out digital images in Photoshop is clipping path. For that, primarily photographers, designers, advertisers and magazine agencies are totally dependent on Photoshop clipping path services – deep etch. Here, we offer the cutout service for extracting objects or people from 2D imagery. We work with a wide range of complexity. Pick out among alternatives Basic, Medium & Complex which comport with you. We provide our services at comparatively low cost to other clipping companies. So, from now on, don’t perpetuate any more cut out worries, we are here to professional offerings.

Image Background Removal Sevice

Background Removal Service

Isolation of the unwanted background to increase comprehensibility of photos is known as image background removal service. Remove background from a photo enhance the designer look and make a thoroughgoing effect on the photographs. Prefer the best one among Basic, Medium, and Complex- which accords with you. If you’re looking for service which can provide you with sharp-edged images suitable for publishing, ColorClipping has a reputation of deliverance. We do match the perfect background to your photos and edit into the white or transparent background.

Image Shadowing Service

Image Shadowing Service

Shadow making service means to create a shadow beneath product to give it a genuine product appearance. We are capable of applying the best image shadow to your wished images. Shadow make products tangible and lifelike visual aspect. We are the experts and ready-to-deliver of your photographs in a professional way. We have the experience to work with a wide range of complexity in drop shadow services. Our skilled shadowing services include mirror reflection, effect reflection, drop shadow etc. We ensure you to create the most realistic looking shadow of products.

Image Hair and Fur Masking Service

Image Hair and Fur Masking Service

Photo masking service is a controlled transparency visual representation of photos. It is used by photographers to combine images, swap heads and add effects to portions of a photo. There can be many types of Masking. Different Masking has a different level of complexity. We do layer masking, hair/ fur masking, channel, transparent, translucent masking and so. Depending on the base of difficulty our pricing is listed. Our Masking helps to retain the expression of crafted transparency, thus the end of mask creation is satisfactory always.

Ghost Mannequin Effect/Neck Adding Service

Ghost Mannequin Service

The 3D illusion of garments products without a model is termed as ghost mannequin, neck joint, invisible photography. It is significant to the e-commerce, magazine business owners, professional photographers, and so. Mannequin Service is the most substantial for the online fashion industry to make models/mannequins photo perfectly fit with the product. We do emphasize the quality of our service thus our designers completed work have perfection. Ghost photo effect for men, women clothing is the best invisible photography editing of us.

Digital Photo Retouching Service

Photo Retouching Service

Photo retouching is an enhancement service of photograph done by Photoshop. We retouch to shape size, set tone, colour and apply details to photos. Our expert designers portray the character of your products/ portraits in expressed, flexible and professional way. Retouch everything from the following manner: Basic, Moderate and Advanced. We provide special Retouching Service which is a digital make-up version of your images. Variation in photo retouching is done by our expert designers who love to make evoking photographs.

Image Cropping and Resizing Service

Photo Cropping & Resizing Service

Resized photographs mean alterations in the pixel dimensions and resolution size of photos. We can manually edit an unprofessional shot into corporate-looking by basic editing process like cropping and resize images. This transformation can make a cropped, professional, high-resolution photo. We do make precise pixel dimensions or choose customised width/height to apply photographs in websites. Our expert designers are available to make straighten image according to the requirement precisely in the most convenient price.

Professional Headshot Retouching Service

Headshot Retouching Service

Headshot retouching enhances skin, hair, body shape, teeth, eyes, texture & beauty impression etc of your portrait photographs. In total, it represents you artistically and beautiful that makes everyone stared at your photograph. Choose the best one: Basic, Moderate and Advanced. Creativity, colour combination and touch-up quality make headshot an enhanced beauty. Our best professional do this retouching accordingly. For photo retouching service of bulk amount/business project, our production house offers attractive prices.

Photoshop Photo Re-coloring Service

Photo Re-coloring Service

Photo re-coloring means colourizing the image by striking colour. It also restores your images pixel by pixel. This editing makes the highest vivid colour environment. Furthermore, it draws in viewers along with increase trade. We do colour combination; Create a noble gesture of images using an editing colour palette. Let us know, what is your intuitive and interactive requisite? We all do it perfectly to colourize your world of products. Our designers are able to make amazing detailed result in incredible effect by photo re-coloring.

E-commerce (eBay and Amazon) Image Processing Service

E-commerce Image Processing

E-commerce based service contains all image manipulation of divergence products. We work with the editing of e-commerce products like Jewellery, Clothing, Ornaments, Smartphone, Mobile, Accessories, Real estate, Food, Gifts etc. We do cropping, resizing, re-coloring, shadowing, adding border, products sharpening, and so. The attracting photo looks of the products displayed in websites, enforce customer to buy products from e-commerce sites. Choose the best comfortable alternatives by making contact with us. Choose us as your partner for Amazon, eBay photo editing.

Image Manipulation Service

Image Manipulation Service

Photo manipulation service encircles photo editing, enhancing, and retouching. Photographs of your wedding moments, family gathering, real estate properties, natural candid shots, loving pets etc. We do diverse photo manipulation to the great extent. Not only that, your warmth for photography can nurture as pictures get a crystal-clear look after retouching. You’ll love to see your damaged photographs in an accomplished view, it's guaranteed. Like all this type of images, we do photo manipulation service that you may feel the need for your professional and passionate life.

Jewelry Retouch Service

Jewelry Retouch

Jewelry retouching indicates the process of making a polished bracelet, ring, gem, necklace, and so on images. Here, we offer our clients basic or customised exposure adjustments to add an eye-catching look to your precious metals. Our jewelry retouchers are able to remove blemishes or scratches, improve clarity, glitter it with improving colour correction, cut out the stones, make sharpen the parts of stones, gems editing, correct blinks or reflections, improve highlights thus your ornaments get a more attractive look. So, we are here for your jewelry enhancement in various styles.

Newborn Baby Photo Editing Service

Newborn Baby Photo Editing

Newborn baby photo editing is precious to make your baby photos wonderful and flawless. Your little baby photos are edited for the remainder of an awesome memory. Whatever the blemishes or red colour shade on your infant skin, we can edit those spots. Wonderful baby look by Photoshop is the main credibility of our designers. Our professional designers smoothen your baby’s skin, red shade is reduced to make an eye-appealing picture of the baby. All defects are removed by perfect picture photo editing. Ultimately, we captivate creamy and modest look.

Multipath Service

Multi Path Service

If your picture contains lots of colours, it becomes hard to separate. In another case, when you don’t have much time, stop editing images. We are here to provide you multi path to isolate definite colour following your requirement. Every single colour is separated from its background and undesirable parts are covered up elegantly. Our professional designers can also do further editing to wrap your image with special effects. Enjoy our multi clipping path service and make isolation of colours from products, professionally. So, get our multipath service to improve distinct colour sections.

Product Photo Retouching Service

Product Photo Retouch Service

Want to increase the buyer impression to your site? There is no other option to edit product pictures displayed on your site. Now, that’s the question, how can you edit these number of photos on your own. We are here for editing your product images professionally. Our Product Photo Retouch Service includes product colour adjustment, polishing, sharpening, angle correction, scratches removal and so on other enhancements. These all are done by our expert designers. We can edit your product photos keeping every detail of your product to get a stunning look.

How we work


Our clients choose their required services and place an order.

We download all the images and transfer to the Production Manager



Review the images to categorize and send to post production

Assign to the expert designers to Clipping Path and related editing



All the images are combined and revision is done by QC Team

Final check is done and images are upload to the clients


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Affirmed by the clients around the world.

In the USA and the UK, we have our centre of operation team. However, our production house is placed in Bangladesh. From here, we do all the image editing and photo enhancing services. Notably, we do clipping path services and make photo perfect according to the client's demand. Thus, we become able to serve an enormous number of clients around the globe, especially from Americas and Europe. The majority of our clients are from countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Israel, Brazil and so on.

To get the best photo editing, our in-house professional photo editor and designers work with the latest technology. With their extreme care and great effort, we become a proficient Photo Post Production team. Our happy clients around the globe declare solemnly and formerly that photographs are edited to the perfect manipulation. They are leaving testimonials as our visual enhancements contain the accurate photo effect. Some recently added customer testimonial examples are mentioned here:

What People Said

Client of Clipping Path

What a great service! For the past 2 years I had the pleasure of working with Deowan and the team that provided me with excellent clipping service, fast accurate and at a great price, i highly recommend every serious photographer/designer to give them a try, you will be truly happy!

Ori Livney - Jewelry Photographer, Hefa, Israel.
Client of Clipping Path

It was a nice experience to get job done in-time by you. All the images you had cutout was so perfect. And your support team was fascinating.

Daniel Hill - Photography Director, Sydney, Australia
Client of Neck Join

From the beginning, your company always has surprised me by sincerity and designer’s work. Retouching photos of yours is pure to the perfection.

Sid Lopes - Photographer, New York, USA

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