Shoot the Best Real Estate Twilight Photos

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Photography Apr 27, 2023

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Shoot the Best Real Estate Twilight Photos

A small alert!!! You are going to fall into a Deep Dreamy Imagination… Probably, also going to fall in love. Love with the color, with the weather, with nature. Sometimes pictures can carry a strong, unique convincing power to make you realize, “This is the place, I want to live till my last breath” … No? Why not? Imagine a big soft blue canvas representing the mighty sky, clouds roaming like floating cotton candies, who are willing to be Aladdin’s magic carpet for you. The water on this land is reflexively shiny which makes your eyes go sparkly. The grasses are as green as evergreen as they can be. In the center of the picture, there is a house. The house can be small or big. But the picture screams “This house belongs here!!” The exterior of the house is plain, subtle and soft. But the aura is coming from inside. Sounds so Disney magical, too good to be true. You can think these pictures have been edited to look so perfect. But, that’s not true. These pictures just have been taken at the right time and in the right place. Not only that, you can also take these Twilight Real Estate pictures of your house by yourself. All you need is some necessary equipment, tons of motivation and a few guidelines.

Things you should know about Real Estate Twilight Photography

Just like any other field, Photography has many varieties. Those who are good at wedding photoshoots might not be good at wildlife photography. Those who are good at wildlife photography might not be the same at product photography. So before starting anything we should grab some basic knowledge. Let’s do so…


For a perfect picture, you have to think about everything and set a plan to execute perfectly.

Went to the site a day prior to make sure everything is ready to go. If possible then clean the front yard or the place that will be most exposed in the picture. See the interior lights. See where the lights are stronger and where you need to extra focus on the light. Turn on all the lights and see the possible angles to take pictures.

Pre-Plan for twilight photoshoot

Best Time to Take Real Estate Photos

For twilight real estate photos, it’s best to shoot at sunrise and sunset. More specifically in the twilight. The blue hour and Golden hour are the most unique times to capture the best of the best.

Go through some twilight unedited photos to have an idea of what the sky may look like before the actual shoot. Normally 20 minutes after sunset is twilight. 10 minutes after sunset is the perfect time of Blue Hour when the orange/pink hue is visible. The golden hour of time looks magical in pictures.

20 minutes before sunrise is also a very beautiful time. Moreover, professional photographers prefer this time to be perfect for twilight shoots.

Best Time to Take Real Estate Photos

But sky color also can complement the interior lighting. So, it is also important to have a color combination.

Turn on the sufficient lights

Turn on all the lights in the house. Especially those lights which are clearly visible from outside. Arrive at least 1 hour before the exact time of the shoot. Usually, during twilight the sky becomes blue. And in twilight photos the opposite color of the wheel complements the whole photo. You will see in most of the twilight real estate photos where the sky is dark blue the lights of the interior are almost yellow to orange.

Turn on the sufficient lights

But it’s not mandatory to do so every time. Since art has no limits, you can go with any color and make it turn into a masterpiece. We will find some purple-themed Twilight Real Estate photos. It also depends on the place and time. In which part of the world, do you leave and what is the weather like there? Besides purple, pink is also a common color for these types of photos. The main point is to make your project and hard work eye catchy to the audience.

Equipment for Best Twilight Real Estate Photos

If you want a stable and professional look, you must use a tripod. Doesn’t matter what device you are using to shoot. A tripod will help you to avoid shaking screens.

Also, if you want a quality photo, you need to shoot it with a DSLR or any high-quality camera. High resolution will make the photo even more pop-up.

Equipment for Best Twilight Real Estate Photos

To be honest you can capture photos with any device you want. But DSLR gives much more flexibility to the photographers. Also, you can have many settings options. All these facilities make photography way easier and more comfortable to use. Speaking of settings…

Camera Settings for Twilight Real Estate Photos

Camera setting is a crucial point in any photography. For twilight real estate photography, set the camera type to Shoot Raw. Set the shooting mode to manual. So that you can change the inside settings by yourself. Also, you can turn on the live view mode.

Keep the aperture between f/8 to f/11. The aperture is a lens of the camera that focuses on how much light will get into the camera. You can also use Aperture priority. Keep it as narrow as possible. So, you can avoid any screen shaking. It will help you to avoid micro shakes as well.

Camera Settings for Twilight Real Estate photos- Size of Aperture

ISO is also important in this case. ISO is the camera’s sensitivity to light in digital devices. Lower ISO means low sensitivity to light and higher means high sensitivity to light. It is better to set ISO between 100 to 350. Still, you can adjust the setting according to your desire and environment.

Shutter Speed will also play a very important role here. Since it works for the exposure. A faster Shutter Speed will give you a small exposure and a longer Shutter speed will give you higher exposure. Slow down the shutter so that it will take some sharp twilight shots.

Camera Settings for Twilight Real Estate photos - Shutter Speed

Wait Patiently

The good thing needs time. After all the preparations now it’s time to shoot. Wait till you think it’s the perfect time to capture the photo. You might click several pictures to compare and choose the perfect one. Through this process, you will have one ready-to-go picture and some good pictures. Just find the ready-to-go picture.

Retouch what you have

A perfect shoot will do 80% of the work. You can totally skip this part if you want. But just to make everything blend in one you can do some retouching with photoshop.

Retouch what you have

In photoshop your focus should be in colors mostly. You can add some color and contrast to just enhance them. Can do a clone stamp if you see any blemishes in the sky or in the pool. You can also go for color saturations but I personally do not prefer Hue/Saturation through photoshop since it changes the natural color and nature’s colors sometimes. Keep it as real as possible.


Hey, all the amazing photographers out there. Hurry up and grab your cams. Now you can go and jump into the pool of starry twilight sky. Drench yourself with the colorful Twilight Real Estate photos. Remember just to patients even though the time of twilight is very short. Because if you stay calm and think wisely before making any move the work will get even easier to produce.


Yes, you can but that won’t be as eye-catchy as it would be if you take pictures with a DSLR.
The Civil twilight and more specifically Blur Hour is the best time for the photoshoot.
You should use a wide-angle lens for the photoshoot.
You should use at least 1600*1200 resolution for Real Estate photos in the landscape.
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