Best Jewelry Trends in Fall 2023 to Upgrade Your Lookbook

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News Aug 3, 2023

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Popular Jewelry Trends

Eclectic Jewelry trends from the ‘70s and ‘80s are being a huge comeback in today’s fashion. But, one significant choice in jewelry y'all might agree with is personalized jewelry, more like the sentimental jewelry of the Victorian era. We love to see our thoughts and stories in the jewels, a touch of things that makes particular meaning in different contexts. Let’s say, Mothers wearing pendants made of breastmilk as a souvenir of their motherhood; or maybe there lies special meaning for different individuals. Vibrant and flamboyant pieces are being admired, probably to celebrate life overcoming the pandemic.

So yeah, the boldness of the ‘70s and ‘80s tone along with the eccentric designs are mostly being rejuvenated in the trend of jewelry in current and upcoming years. Nevertheless, the always hit trend is, what makes you feel like the “BEST” in your own skin!

Trending Jewelry 2023/24

What’s trending in jewelry fashion? What will be popular jewelry in 2024?
Since gold is going through the ceiling, fashionistas are opting for other means to dazzle. Silver jewelry is being the new gold in the world of inflation. Mixed metal forming a huge trendcast with elegant designs. Black gold jewelry, however, is getting very popular. Handmade jewelries, beads and seashells are taking over along with pearls. Coloured Gemstones will never go down because these are aristocrats. We can see asymmetric styles, use of colors and dramatic flashes.

Here, read me trying to dissect the à la mode in jewelry fits this season!

Jewelry Trends for 2023-24

Chunky Chains

Chunky golden chain is the first thing you will be talking about the newest trend in jewelry. This is a thing now, and you can’t stop staring at such glam. It’s smart, it’s sophisticated, it’s shiny and it's simply STYLISH! Not only neck chains, chunky golden or mixed metal pieces are also enriching rings, earrings, bracelets. You might have one in the old box, get it out, it will make your day!

However, chunky silver jewelry could be something big! Since silver is taking over, how about setting this trend of chunky silver chain and rings! Mark my word, it will be another level VOGUISH!

Chunky Chains

Snake Jewelry

You might have noticed a trend of wearing serpent bracelets, wristwatches, rings and necklaces this year. Check out Bulgary’s Serpenti Jewelry Collection. No wonder snakes are good omen for a lot of people. It has meaning too, serpents are signs of fertility and rebirth; many tend to carry it as the essence of protection against evil. But Queen Victoria started this fashion ages ago, that time it carried out the symbol of wisdom and eternal love!

Sculptural Cuff Bracelets

Wearing cuffs on the wrist instantly feels like an outfit. And these days chunky, sculptural cuffs are completing the ladies' outfit. Middle sized cuffs of different shapes and materials are really the most happening cuff style this year. You can engrave your name, texts, have a painting or engraved arts to bring up your own unique style. Check out Sylvia Toledano Wave Cuff or Karine Sultan Sculptural Cuff, Split Cuff, Open Cuff, wired cuff, Chanel Coco Crush Cuff; custom design of your choice to let your mood speak!

Sculptural Cuff Bracelets


Remember those days of Covid-19 pandemic? You could not wear earrings because of the mask? Oh, how terrible to even remember! Earrings however, are back on our earlobes! Phew! And we love to rock every shape of earrings! Chandeliers, studs, tassels, drop of gemstones, beads, metal and painted artsy pieces are bringing the joy of life in popular jewelry for women!

Oversized Hoop Earrings

Chunky Vintage Huggie Earrings

Bold chunky earrings are getting spotted in the craze these days. You can carry a pair of big … big? How big? Not too big…maybe a little middler sized chunk of earrings compliments the confidence of your personality and uplift the mood for the day. Like this mixed metal cartier piece, this is breathtakingly smart. I collected Bernard James Flora 14K Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings though, and I really am a fan of this.

Chunky Vintage Huggie Earrings

Oversized Hoop Earrings

They say, “the bigger the hoop the bigger the love.”

OVERSIZED hoops from the 60's fashion world are here again. It brings the jolly sunshiny vibe to your look. Not only golden metal hoops, silver, mixed metal, beads, pearls, everything in the round hoop shape are absolutely in fashion jewelry trends. It does not mark only the latino or women of color anymore. Women wear it as a remark of cultural appropriation now; as a resistance to discrimination

Brooches and Body Accessories Jewelry

Brooches are getting hyped. I can’t stop staring at the little birdies from Tiffany & Co. resting on Michael B. Jordan’s chest at the Met Gala 2023! Brooches in different shapes and themes are a high choice. Talking of this, how did you like the necklace tie Buzz Lurhmann slayed on the same event? He replaced bow or tie with this ecstatic jewel piece from David Webb and it is certainly a different look! Will it be in trend for sometime? Unsure thing! But, bolo ties are rocking the ground pretty cool.

Body chains are also coming a lot. Wearing a backless top with body accessories is one of the hot new jewelry trends.

Brooches and Body Accessories Jewelry

Oversized or Mismatched Gemstone Links

Oversize pendants, mismatched ear drops or ear tops and stackings of metals or gemstones are precisely new trends in jewelry. That could actually be termed as ‘deconstructing the definition of symmetry’.

FIY: Less is more is not in the jewelry trend now!

Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry is standing out loud in trendbook. For a sleek look you can;t have enough of sculptural silver jewels, Sterling Silver Jewelry, with gemstones, pearls etc.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metal jewelry is now one of the most happening jewelry these days. Designers are working on mixing different metals and the outcome is satisfactory.

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Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown diamonds are another vibe these days. Because people aspire for sustainable living in all spheres.. And when stars like GIGI Hadid rock in lab grown diamonds, why give it a second thought?

Modern Pearl & Gemstones

Pearl, forever forever… but what's trending these days about pearls? Different colors and unusual shapes, obviously there is some evolution happening!

High jewelry gemstones are also big in the scene. Tsavorites, sapphires, ruby, turquoise all come in colorful, bold & dramatic designs. Just got wowed by how Katerina Perez shows the gem-centric jewels in her The JCK show blog of this year.

Modern Pearl & Gemstones


“Fashion is a language that speaks volume and jewelry is its most beautiful accent” I saved this line in my head from insta feed. Whoever has written such a line, what a great way to articulate the grace of jewelry! That accent of your outlook determines how stylish or sophisticated you are. Some like to go with fashion flow, some never care, then again, some set the jewelry trends! Which one are you?

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