How much does a newborn photo session cost

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Photography May 27, 2023

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how much does a newborn photo session cost

Parenthood is the most beautiful experience of a human being. The journey of being a parent has many beautiful memories with lots of ups and downs covered with many anxious moments. Time flies and these small cute moments are never coming back, making these generations’ parents want to capture the prettiest memories they have with their newborn. The first thing that comes to mind is how much a newborn photo session costs.

Even though newborn photography is a trendy culture it started many years ago. You will find your childhood photos in your parents’ photo album. Back then people had to go to the studio to click a photo.

Now that you have smartphones with the best camera quality, why do you have to look for a professional photographer or go to the studio? Let’s see…

Why Choose a Professional Photographer Instead of Shooting at Home?

There are many reasons why you should choose professionals instead of doing the work by yourself. Every professional photographer and company will provide and offer different photography services.

Baby photoshoots can be tricky. The photographers who offer newborn photography have expertise in this sector of photography. By expertise I mean, the proper way of handling a baby. Also, their styles of photography take a big part in choosing whether to take their service or not.

Why Choose a Professional Photographer Instead of Shooting at Home

Studio Photographers or Home Shoot?

Parents often get confused between studio photoshoots and home shoots. If you have a good place to shoot at our house then there is no need to go to the studio.

These days you will see some amazing pictures of babies on the internet which gives very aesthetic vibes. Sometimes to make sure you have the proper props to have such a picture, you need to go to the studio. Also if you are looking for newborn photography effortless poses then you can go for a studio photoshoot as well.

Skills in Photography, Knowledge, and Experience With Newborn

Photography skills are important but it’s more important to have the proper knowledge of the subject that the photographers are taking photos of. Not only any subject, here we are talking about newborns. Newborns are very sensitive to handling and pose. It not only needs skills and experience with babies, but it also needs tons of patience.

Proper Understanding of the Needs

The photographer not only needs to understand the baby but he also needs to understand the proper light and camera adjustments. Needs to have the proper sense of how the picture will come out!

These were the things that you should keep in your mind while searching for a photographer. Let’s see the things that are directly connected to the cost of photography.

Proper Understanding of the Needs

How Much a Newborn Photo Session Costs Depend On

There are a few things that vary when it comes to the cost. Like the number of images, Session Price, Location, and Props. Let’s see the details…

Number of Images- The number of images directly determines the cost. If the number goes high, the cost will also go higher too. In the cast of most advanced photography for 10 photos the cost can go $300. Or also 20 photos can cost $500.

Talking about the numbers, the size will also vary the cost of photography. The larger size of the photo will cost more than the smaller size.

Sitting fee- The sitting fee is basically the payment that the client made for the setup of the photography. It’s not paying for the products but it’s paying for the service.

Suppose you want to have your newborn do a photoshoot that includes an infant bed and some cute bed sheets, showpieces, and some similar kinds of stuff. You have to pay some sort of amount to have these things in your infants’ beds.

You will often find that some photographers will add $60 to $90 as a sitting fee in their cost chart. Those are for this setup.

Time- Time is also a key factor in Photography. A photographer will charge you based on the time and effort he is putting to make your moments memorable. In newborn photography, photographers usually charge $100-$300 per hour.

Location- Location is a big point in cost. The cost is not the same for every location. It depends on the facilities of some locations and also the limitations of some locations. Also depends on the competition and demand for the service in that area.

Not only the location where the studio is, but also if you want to shoot your pictures in multiple locations then it will affect the budget as well. For example, if your one location is 50 miles far from another location then you have to pay for the entire trip and the time that the photographer is willing to spend on your picture.

Props- Props are almost similar to sittings but not exactly the same. Settings were more focused on the setup parts like background, infant bed, bedsheets, and all. But props are the object that will directly link to the baby/newborn.

Suppose you want a baby to have a moon-themed photoshoot. A big moon-shaped hanging has been made. The baby might be wrapped around a towel. Some small star-like objects around the set match the theme. These are all props of the photoshoot. Props are also included in the cost. Again, props cost is taken as the service, not as the products.

How Much a Newborn Photo Session Costs Depend On

Not only photography. There are also post-processing services like Newborn Photo Retouching Services. Parents do find it convenient to have package services for the session. Still that can vary depending on various matters.

Presumably Average Cost for Newborn Photos in USA

Till now we were talking about the things that affect the cost and what we should keep in mind while choosing our photographer and photography studio. To make the service more accessible to the customers, photographers provide package services. Let’s see how much a newborn photo session costs and have a little idea about those packages of newborn photography pricing in the USA on average…

The Basic Package- ($400-$600)

It offers to shoot only the baby in 1 to 2 hours. Usually, the location is in the studio. 8-10 images with high resolution. (Session fee can be included)

Advance Package- ($600-$800)

It offers the baby to shoot with their parents. The session time usually takes 2+ hours and offers you to choose 15 images of your preference to get high-end editing. (This package also offers to add siblings in some studios. And some also take extra chargers to include siblings)>

Presumably Average Cost for Newborn Photos in USA
Expert package- ($800-$900)

It offers the baby to shoot with both the Parents and siblings and offers 3+ hours of sessions in the studio. You can choose 20 images to get high-end photo editing. The package usually offers no session fee, but it can vary from photographer to photographer and studio to studio.

Photographers’ Special ($1000-$2000)

This special package depends on the specialty of the photographer. It can be their special photo album which they offer or it can be more than 3 hours of photoshoot. Or can be an unlimited photo editing service. The session fee is free.

There are many high-end professionals in this game but Anna Geddes is at the top of all at this moment. Her full name is Anne Elizabeth Geddes. She was born in Australia and she is now a New York based photographer. but she is mostly famous because of her elaborate detailed Newborn Pictures. Ana Brandt is a professional maternity and newborn photographer who lives in California. She is an expert at photography and continued slaying for over 23 years in this field. Shannon Leigh is also famous for her photography skills. She has her own studio full with fairy tale props. and has won many awards for her photography.

All of these packages are drawn as an average from the various photography service pages. The price amount can vary depending on the period, time, location, and photo quality.

Budget is mandatory for everything. Newborn photography is nothing exceptional. Still, there is a lot of stuff to look for when it comes to capturing some memorable moments of your newborn.


Newborn Photography is not a one-day course. It needs patience and years of learning. Gathering experience. Since handling a newborn is not so easy. That’s why usually newborn photography is too experienced.
The age is in its name. Newborn photography is perfect for the age of 7 to 10 days after birth. That is the time when the pictures will appear as an aesthetic picture. But people also took pictures of babies at the age of 6 months to 1 year.
Anne Geddes. Anne Geddes is currently holding the number 1 position in baby photography. She creates iconic and award-winning images that will leave an unforgettable charm in your mind.
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