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Photography Sep 15, 2023

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How Much Do Headshots Cost

A headshot is a specific type of photo shoot that demonstrates a person’s appearance, branding, or casting. It is more of a professional or corporate field photoshoot. Well, the main purpose of this kind of photo shoot is to showcase a person for the brand or cast a man. There are various types of headshots, we will get into that soon. Since it is mostly done for official or corporate purposes, it needs professional photographers. But, how much do headshots cost? Let’s analyze that.

How Much Do Headshots Cost?

There are various factors that influence the amount of cost in headshot photography. Since, every category has their own sectors of cost like a professional newborn’s photography will cost way different than a headshot’s photography. Professional photographers not only charge you based on their work, time, and cost, but they will charge you based on their experience and brand value as well. There are a few factors through which we can sketch their factors of charging. Let’s try to make a sketch of that. So how will you know which headshot photography is for you?

Why Do Headshots Matter?

People mainly choose headshots services for professional purposes and mostly to showcase the brand. It shows that you care about your image to have a professional headshot. Those qualities seem like a better work ethic and an increased sense of accountability to a prospective employer.

How Do I Choose a Headshot Photography

This might be the concern of a lot of people who are looking for headshot photography but don't really know where to start from. Choosing the perfect photographer isn’t that hard either. to choose a perfect headshot photography make sure these points…

  1. Only Choose Them If You Like Their Previous Work
    There is a high chance you will like their work if you liked their previous work. Every company, even every person has their own unique style. And it gets difficult to change the style just for one client. So choosing from what you already like is an easy option.
  2. Always Look for Customer Reviews
    The best way to rely on a brand or a service is customer review. If you like one service page and have doubts about whether to choose them or not then look for customer’s review. And try to find out if their services provide what you are looking for.
  3. Specify Your Demands
    When you finally find your desired photographer or company, Clear out your demands. Specify each and everything you want and don’t want. That will help them to understand your needs and have a clear picture or what they should do.
  4. Double Check Everything
    This tip is from personal experience. Many times what happens is when you are looking for something and finally find some relatable stuff you get excited and forget to check or over see other important facts. If you are wondering then yes, I’ve made this mistake previously. So, double check everything, especially the price.

How Much Do Professional Headshot Cost Depends On

Since there are so many photographers out there, you can not just assume anyone’s cost just like that. Cost or charges vary from person to person. It depends on time, location, and session as well. How? Let’s explain…

Time That Will Spend

Time is a costly weapon. People should spend their time wisely. If you are doing work, you should always think about how much time you are spending on that work and how much profit it will give you. Photography is nothing different. Photographers usually charge per hour for photoshoots. Not only headshot photographers, but any kind of photographers do that. If you go to any kind of professional photographer, they will give you an appointment based on time. And mostly they count by hours.

Time That Will Spend

Location of the Photo Studio

Location also matters in photography, or in general, any kind of service offering business has to consider the location. Otherwise, they won’t be able to make any profits. So, it’s very important to consider the location as well. If you are opening your photography studio in an area where most people do small business and or do simple jobs then you can’t expect the majority of them to pick a high-end or expensive shoot. If you are setting up your business in a high-end society only then you can expect them to do so. Otherwise, it’s pretty obvious that you won’t be able to run your business.

Number of Photos

The Number of photos is also a big concern. How many photos do you want to take from the photographer? It will also vary the cost. Not every photo amount will do the same. If you are willing to shoot 10 photos the price will be less than 1000 photos.

Sometimes they also charge you separately for photoshoots and photo editing. The amount will vary for both. Suppose you have to shoot for 1k images and you need all of the images. But you don’t need every photo to be retouched. So, you can also just talk to the photographer and pay only for edited photos in retouching costs.

Or you can completely skip the editing part from them. It’s not always mandatory to take their editing or retouching facilities. Because they are charging it separately. What you can do is take the photoshoot facilities from them and edit or retouch them from a photo post-processing company like us. It will make sure of two things. You will get your work done by professionals who are experienced in this specific field and you will also get it at a way friendly price. You will also be able to get a huge amount of images in very little time. So, in my very humble opinion Always go for photo post-processors when it comes to headshot retouching.

Experience of Photographers

It is important to pay based on experience as well. Experience means a work guarantee. If a photographer has 5 years of work experience, then it means that he will apply those 5 years of work experience in your work. The work you have 5 years of skilled hands. Which indicates less chance of messing up. He will know better what will work best for what type of shoot and what type of shoot will suit the best for your work. In short, experience matters. That is why a more experienced person will charge you more than a less experienced person. Skills also get involved with the experience here. If a photographer has more skills than an experienced one, he will also get more payment. In short, Just like professional jewelry photography needs some expertise in various sectors, professional headshots' prices depend on various facts.

Types of Headshot Photography

There are various types and categories of headshot photography. Your headshot type choice greatly affects the price. Types like studio, outdoor, corporate, or actor/model sessions can all impact the cost. Let’s see headshot prices based on the types…

Studio Headshots

Studio headshots are basically Studio Photography. What is studio photography you may ask? In simple words, Studio photography is photography where the photographer has full control of the photo shoot over the studio and the equipment. In this photoshoot, the model or the object that’s going to be shot has to be present in the photo studio for photography. If we do that, shooting headshot photos in a studio is Studio Headshots. In this type of headshot, the photographer bears all the hassle of the shoot and clients just arrive at the studio on time. And got their job done. In Studio Headshot the price depends on the time of the photo session. The shorter session will cost you $125-$300 approx., whereas the longer sessions will cost you about $300-$600 approx.

Actor Headshots

Actor or Acting Headshots are the kind of headshot that is done to get a specific role in a show, movie, theater, or any kind of acting field. You might look at an actor/actress’s picture and immediately like the person or hate the person. Why is that? Because the person gives you either evil vibes or very positive vibes on their first look. Suppose you are auditioning for Snow White’s mother’s role and you need to have an actor headshot in your portfolio. So, what kind of expression of dress-up will you adopt? Of course, something dark like black and will give an arrogant attitude, right? That’s what an Actor's Headshot is.

Actor Headshots

Even though it is possible to have an actor headshot for $150-$1500 in the U.S., you can get a good actor headshot for $250-$600.

Outdoor Headshots

Outdoor headshots are also a kind of headshot in which the background contains nature. When you are shooting your headshot in nature that’s what an outdoor headshot is. It creates a softness and gives more character to a picture. For example, the background can be a forest or a hill or ocean or park or even from your balcony where the whole city is visible. Every picture will give you a different thought just because of the background. It will help you to give more characters. In this headshot, you can wear formal and casual clothes. But also keep in mind for which purpose you are having this shoot. If you are shooting for a formal corporate purpose then it’s wise to stick with a traditional suit or anything that looks formal for a corporate environment.

Outdoor Headshots

In outdoor headshot, you will find the ordinary packages start from $250-$550. It can also go up to $1200 as well but, for a good outdoor headshot photo $250-$550 will be pretty enough.

Business Headshots

Business Headshot is also known as Corporate Headshot. Simply as the name sounds this headshot is done for corporate purposes. Suppose you have an interview and need a headshot photo for your CV. Then you can take this corporate headshot for your profile.

Business Headshots

This is an expensive headshot compared to others. On average you will have corporate headshot service at $500-$1500 per hour. It depends on the photographers’ experience as well. Since it is considered to be a sophisticated headshot.

Author Headshots

Author headshots are close to professional headshots for businesses or corporations. Costs typically range between $50 and $500, and in some cases, can go as high as $1500, depending on factors such as location, the complexity of the photo session, and the photographer's expertise.

From beginner costs $50, it can go to the Professional level at a cost of $500.

These were almost all kinds of headshots. Besides these, there are also Not-so-corporate headshots, Editorial Headshots, Vogue Headshots, etc. But these can all count on the above sectors.

Finishing With

These price ranges have been written considering the USA. The prices may vary from time to time and also from place to place. Other than that, the headshot is one of the oldest forms of photos that people have been taking for many formal and informal reasons.


There are many factors that can have an effect on the pricing of headshot photography including location, session complexity, and photographer's expertise.
Yes, many photographers offer packages for multiple headshots.
Yes. Photographers take additional charges for retouching as well. In this case, it is wise to take retouching services from a known retouching company.
Yes, they are. Since the location-specific shoots are based on the person’s request. It takes time to set up for a shoot in a new area. So, they technically cost more than others.
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