Amazon Product Photography- Ways to High Clickthrough Rate & Boosted Sales

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Ecommerce Apr 2, 2023

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Amazon Product Photography Ways to High Clickthrough Rate and Boosted Sale

Pay attention to detail when you are in charge of amazon product photography. These photographs are the communication medium between the seller and the buyers. If the communication is not strong, how do you sell products? So, the photos should be so vivid that minimizes the distance between the product and the audience. The images must match how the products are in real life. Amazon has options to add multiple photos. The target is to use all the fields to showcase your product from various perspectives. Photos are a very important part of an Amazon product listing. They help customers decide if a product is right for them or not. Thus a photo can make or break a deal. Amazon product photos should be high quality, accurate, and appealing.

How to Nail Amazon Product Photography

Good amazon photography is key to selling products on Amazon.

Amazon Product Photo Requirements include:

  • On the length the image should not be less than 1000 pixels and not more than 10,000 pixels. In the width the image pixel should be at least 500.
  • Minimum image resolution is 72 dpi
  • The product should cover minimum 85 percent of the image. The white part or framing should be only 10-15 percent.
  • Image size shouldn’t be more than 10 MB.
  • The display image or main image must have a white background.

Here are more on taking high performing product photos -

Take High-Resolution Photos

Make it a high-quality photo where the product looks clear as if you can touch it. The viewers zoom and look for everything in detail. Amazon's image requirement for pixels is a minimum of 1000 pixels for their product photos. But professionals would suggest to go less than 1600 pixels. Use a good quality camera for that. A highly recommended camera with 24.2MP sensor is Sony A6100. This lightweight and compact piece makes photos as vivid as day. But, if you are a bit low on budget, A6600 will work. However, if you are not into investing in a high-end cam right now and want to go on with the existing one, it will still work. But make sure you are not coming up with a blurry, low-quality image for amazon product image marketing.

Take High-Resolution Photos

Keys to taking High-Resolution Photos

  • Go to your camera setting and set the resolution to the highest value.
  • In the compression settings choose the round one, not the angular icon. The curved icon gives better quality than the icon like stairs beside the letter. Choose the "Fine" or "Superfine" indication in case your camera has this type of indicator instead of icons for compression settings.
  • Click in RAW format.
  • Use the lowest ISO setting
  • Edit your product photos to allure your target audience. Without editing photo you can stand out in the e-commerce industry.

Make sure your lighting is good

Make sure your lighting is good

For a professional product photo proper lighting is vital. Imagine you receiving a purse in the crimson red shade while you ordered a deep maroon image. That will break your trust in shopping online. Lighting can impact on changing the color.

  • Use a good light source that illuminates the product thoroughly, not too dark to see or not too bright which makes it overexposed.
  • Try to keep it natural as much as possible
  • Do not go for multiple shades or types of light. Use a single light so that the shades don’t hamper the photo quality.
  • Use a tent or lightbox or cone to diffuse the light. You need to diffuse light to avoid reflection and shadows in photos.

Take several glamorous clicks for the main image

The main image should have such a zeal that will make the visitor stop right away. The quality of the main image should compel one to investigate more about the product. It takes the responsibility of increasing or dropping your click-through rate.

  • Take the main image to do photography amazon products on a white background.
  • The main image should be focused, clear, and clean and not seem to blend at all.
  • Show the product name and brand name clearly
  • The main image should not be taken from different angles. Show the product’s front part with the name and brand detail whatever is on it.
  • Add only a compelling single photo of the product for the main image, not various views, no text, and no info-graphic or 3d rendering should be in the main image.
  • Get several clicks for the main image. You can post one image and then change it and upload another after a couple of weeks and then another. This way you can understand which image performs the best, which one increases the conversion rate and all.
Take several glamorous clicks for the main image

Take lots of photos from different angles showing all the features

Remember, your purpose is to show the product to potential buyers. They will need to make a decision by seeing the photo on the screen. So, they would like to see all details of the product, each and all. So take photos from different angles so that all the features cover.

Take lots of photos from different angles showing all the features

Take some shots to add texts

Adding text to your images is a chance to get one step closer to your audience. Those who doesn’t like to read the descriptions in detail of your listing can't skip the texts. No one will miss reading the benefits added as text in the product image. So do not miss out on the chance to add value to your images by describing the benefits, and instructions in short texts. Take some shots in a way so that you can add text and prepare some infographics as well. Keep this in mind while photographing amazon products.

Take some shots to add texts

Make creative and lifestyle images

While you will take photos in white background for the main image, you can consider some creative and artistic clicks for others. People love art and creativity. Use some props or be playful with the lights, shadows and the product for a dramatic shot. For instance, if you are shooting a skincare product, let’s say a rose water toner, use the petals of roses, roses, and water and create a soothing and refreshing vibe.

If you are shooting a rose tea brand, don't just photograph the tea pack. Show a cup of tea, how does the color look? Show you are dropping some of the tea inside the brewing hot water in a teapot, create aesthetic serve the purpose meanwhile. Also, suppose you are shooting a foundation cream. Show some drops of the foundation so that the shade, consistency or texture can be seen.

Make creative and lifestyle images

Another way to make your product images engaging is to use lifestyle images. Get out of the studio and shoot some photos where the particular product is seen being used. How about clicking an SPF lotion somewhere in a hot sun? For a kitchen tool prepare a set imitating a kitchen top. You can clean and decorate to use your own kitchen table as well. Just make it clean and beautiful.

clean and decorate to use your own kitchen table

Having an image with a model in the amazon product listing gallery is another winning deal. Hire a professional model and let them pose with the product, use the product, and showcase the product. You can use only hands or face or legs as well for particular cases. Be creative and get stunning photos.

Be creative and get stunning photos

Edit photos & stand out loud

Taking some mind blowing photos is not enough. If you want to show a diamond necklace, you need to retouch it with professional jewelry retouching services. Otherwise, the glam of jewelry will be lost, there will be spots and reflections that will create a negative impact.

You need to do the photo retouching and editing part to get a perfect finishing. Editing and retouching images will remove the imperfections of images. Take help from a professional photo retouching partner if this is not your thing. Search for experts who provide amazon or e-commerce product photo retouching services.

Some more hacks for better visual marketing

Apart from stunning images, you need to do go some extra miles for extending the number of leads. To make a more fruitful product listing professionals will recommend you to have 3D rendering images. 3D rendering is about explaining your product in depth within the graphic. This amazing 3d graphic work will make your photo ultra-high-quality. Note that, not all products will go with 3D rendering.

Some more hacks for better visual marketing

Pro tips: While saving the photos do not add any additional characters, dashes or spaces between the characters. Saving file names with these may create problems in uploading online.

Display your photos in a clear and organized way
Don’t show the images like a mess. Have a planning and decide which photo should go after which. Always keep the main image in highlight.

Use keywords in your photo titles and descriptions
For better reach and more clicks do some fruitful SEO. Do keyword research, analyze the market and put related keywords in the title and descriptions of your image. Let the customer reach your products through the keywords. Keep the description easy and good to read.

Update your photos regularly to keep your products looking fresh
Keep changing and adding newer photos to keep your product look fresh. The same old product images for years is not a good marketing idea.

Monitor your photo rankings to see how well your photos are performing
Keep the photos you have put in the amazon product list in check. Some photos will perform better, some may drop the rate. So track and work to be successful on amazon search by image.


Ending with one last trick for successful amazon product photography. Don't add anything that doesn’t come with the product. You can use props to make some good product photos for amazon but those should not be excessive. Be mindful and do not use anything you are not ready to sell with the product. If your product is a lipstick, don’t add another lip oil or any product beside the main product.

Once I saw a viral screenshot of a chat between a seller and buyer. The product was a tote bag but in the image there were a pair of guava. The photographer might have tried to intensify the look, but the client thought those guava come with the bag. She was like, "why can't I get those fruits with the product?". That sounded funny since those were just two guavas, but hey, it’s educational!

Moral: Don't confuse your target audience.


Yes, Amazon accepts and prefers JPEG files. You can also send PNG, TIFF or GIF files for amazon listing.
If you struggle uploading photos for Amazon listing, check out your internet connection. Check out the file type of images. You cannot upload files other than JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF. And make sure the name you saved the image doesn’t include any space, dash or special characters. And check if you have enabled the upload over Wi-Fi and/or cellular data via the Auto-Save feature.
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