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E-commerce Product Photo
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Increase the credibility of your brand

Perfect images are those that compel people to click and then purchase. That’s not the end! If the product does not match the image, customer dissatisfaction, negative reviews, and all these challenges hit.

With us, you can create a professional website to engage with your audience through professionally retouched images. Therefore, it becomes easy to impress your catch, boost conversion, and grow your online business.

Fast Turn-around

ColorClipping is an incredibly fast team. Get web-ready images in a quick time with rush-hour delivery.

Legal Agreement

A confidential contract will be signed before starting the project between the parties (client & ColorClipping)

Enterprise-grade Policy

We follow different photography groups and their needs to ensure quality image editing service.

Professional Service

Our skilled, experienced, and creative DTP experts are dedicatedly providing professional picture editing.

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Don't worry about e-commerce image editing services for your website or meeting e-commerce requirements to upload. Get on-demand ecommerce image editing services at an affordable budget and fast turn-around time. We never compromise our service quality.

Fulfill e-commerce editing preferences
  • Image Background Removal
  • Photo Shadow Effects
  • Photo Color Correction
  • Mannequin Remove
  • Eliminate Scratches/Spots
  • 360° Product Image Editing
  • Sharpen Product Images
  • Image resizer: 1:1 crop ratio
  • Consistent size & position
  • Image Perfect Composite
  • Focus Stacking for Products
  • Image Format as You need
  • Rush hour Delivery
  • Prompt customer care

E-commerce Photo Editing Services: Basic Editing

We focus on displaying the product features, logos, & names, maintaining specific e-commerce specifications.

Background Remove

Make your product images attractive and represent in a realistic view, removing any unwanted flaws easily.

Shadow Making

Add natural shadow to captivate viewers and turn them into a buyer with a realistic look.

Color Correction

Fix color issues to make images as natural as possible and enhance images with vivid color adjustment.

Product Recolor

Recolor product Image to save your effort, time, and money from photographing products repeatedly.

Basic Retouch

Essential editing services like removing dust, masking furs/model hairs, ghost mannequin editing.

Add Magnifier

Display your product with the Original view as possible without any damage by adding Magnifier on the image.

E-commerce Essential Editing

360° Product Image Editing

Catch viewer attention with 360° rotating product images displaying every angle and detail precisely.

If you want to represent your product images in a 360-degree rotation, we can help you with our 360 image editing and making services. You have to send a minimum of 24 images (or more) from all the angles of the product to make a 360-degree rotation product view.

We provide clipping path, make consistent shadow/reflection, basic retouching, crop your images that you can view your product showing every angle of product. Also, we make color tone adjustment and sharpen the product.

Our designers make sure that images match with each other as per clipping, shadow, and editing to create a seamless 360° product rotation.


Amazon, eBay & Shopify Ready Image

We provide e-commerce ready images that you can upload right away for any e-commerce platform worldwide.

Amazon, eBay, Shopify Image

We follow every image instruction of Amazon. We make background pure white (RGB 255,255,255) with a close-up shot where full product occupies 85% or more of the image in the frame. Image pixel dimensions of at least 1000 or larger in either height or width preferred (1:1), sRGB or CMYK color mode.

For eBay, we provide a square or rectangular item against a neutral backdrop measuring 500 or higher pixels on the longest side.

For Shopify, you need to upload images 2048 x 2048 pixels for square product photos. But you can upload up to 4472 x 4472 pixels with a file size of up to 20 MB, which will give your store a professional look with high-resolution images and excellent zoom capabilities.

Similarly, Etsy requires 1000 x 1000 pixels images to zoom product images.

Q: Hello! I have images for my e-commerce site, how do I improve them for better sales?

Answer: Hi, wish you luck on your venture! You can hand over photos to professionals like us & chill! At Color Clipping, a big team of skilled designers constantly transforms pale photos into stunning stills. We work for famous brands and photographers! We use premium tools so that your photo doesn’t lose its authenticity. We have a customizable ordering system. You can order easily from our portal & get a flexible payment at a flat rate. Don’t delay in bringing abundance, get a free trial now!


Image Optimization

We make your images web-ready, providing professional photo editing services as per your instructions.

Image Optimization
Crop and Resize

Get a new size or dimensions, maintaining the entire image shape with custom presets so that you can change the image size.

Web Format Image

We will provide images in the JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif) and PNG (.png) format as per your demand.

Add/Remove Meta

We can add Metadata with your information as per requirements for proper image Copyright.


We provide photo with 96-150 DPI to enhance clarity and quality so that you can upload photo quickly.


Get High-performing Images

We are committed to make your e-commerce images attractive and highly functional to beat others. See our recent images.


E-commerce Photo Editing pricing

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You can redo the retouching with a little change personalized to your needs.


Flexible Payment Policy

Pre-paid, post-paid, pay as you go are available to ease your payment schedule.

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