Ever Wonder What Makes Diamond Sparkle?

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What Makes Diamond Sparkle

Who doesn’t like diamonds? It’s one of the most attractive jewels and most demanding jewels as well. Diamond’s shine caught the eyes of people and made them lust for it. And mostly these lusts are for diamond’s shine and sparkle. What makes diamond sparkle? Today we will talk about that.

Diamonds are known as nature’s most captivating creations. But what makes a diamond outstanding is the mesmerizing sparkle of each facet. Diamonds spark in fire, light, sunlight, and anything that can reflect on its surface. But, what makes them sparkle?

What Makes Diamond Sparkle

There are various reasons why a diamond sparkles. But the most common thing to come to mind is reflections. Other than that, there are mostly 3 reasons why diamonds sparkle.

  1. Reflection of light- When the ray of sunlight falls over the crystal smooth surface of the diamond, it reflects the shine and light of the sun ray to the eyes of the viewer. Because of the eye’s blessing, we see a diamond sparkle. Diamonds shine instantly because of reflection, which bounces light back up after it hits them.
    Reflection of light
  2. Refraction of light - What is refraction? Refraction is bending ray waves of light after hitting it from one surface to another. In this case, the surfaces are diamond facets. And the bend is caused because of the different densities of substances.
  3. Dispersion of light – White light contains a spectrum of colors. The colors are violet, indigo, green, blue, orange, red, and yellow. Dispersion is when a white light passes through a glass slab or a glass prism, it divides or splits up the colors. Through which the diamond gets a mesmerizing shine or rainbow sparkle on them.
Dispersion of light

You see the stars twinkle? That’s also because of the reflection of light, refraction of light, and dispersion of light. Even the rainbow is an example of reflection, refraction, and dispersion.

What Cut of Diamond Sparkles the Most

An uncut diamond hardly sparkles. It almost doesn’t sparkle. So, cut matters a lot in a diamond’s sparkle.

What Is the Most Sparkly Diamond Cut

The more facets a diamond has the more it will shine. There are many cuts or designs in a diamond. And it’s not easy to get cuts on diamonds. If we talk about what cut diamond sparkles the most, we can pull out quite a few cut names.

What Is the Most Sparkly Diamond Cut

The Round cut captures the most sparkle and shine in a diamond. This cut is also called Round Brilliant Cut. Now you may wonder why a round cut captures the most shots? The simple answer would be a Round Brilliant Cut contains at least 58 facets with the cutlet.

Then comes the princess cut, radiant cut and the cushion cut. They do sparkle a lot but not as much as a round brilliant cut. They kind of hold the second position when it comes to sparkly diamonds. Then comes the oval cut and pear cut which sparkles the same. Lastly comes heart and marquise cut. They also sparkle almost like the oval and pear but slightly less than them. And at the end of the sparkle list, there are Emerald and Asscher cuts. They sparkle the least of the diamonds.

How Does the Cut Quality Play a Vital Role in Sparkly Diamonds

Diamond cuts usually have 5 kinds of grades. These are excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor.

Excellent is the grade where you will find the highest number of fire and brilliance. And gradually it decreases on Very good, Good, Fair and Poor. Good, Fair and Poor have very little brilliance and are not recommended by a quite number of people.

What are these grades? How can one know what is good brilliance and what is poor brilliance? Let me show you a picture to understand.

How Does the Cut Quality Play a Vital Role in Sparkly Diamonds

Through this picture, you can get what a well-cut diamond with the most brilliance would look like. If it looks tall and thin then that deep cut will have poor brilliance and when it looks short and narrow then it is too shallow cut with poor brilliance.

Examine Your Diamond Under the Light

It’s important that you should examine your diamond under various lights. Firstly, you should check under professional lights. And by professional lighting, I meant laboratory lights which are able to eliminate other colors and showcase the natural color of the product. Through that, you will be able to understand the color theory of the diamonds as well as the quality of it.

Examine Your Diamond Under the Light

You should also check the diamonds under the natural lights. Like room lights or even sunlight. Whether it looks good or not, that is the ultimate place where diamonds would be worn and showcased to various people. So, the condition of it will be best known under natural lighting.

What Makes a Diamond Sparkle Color or Clarity

Diamonds come in different colors. White, pink, blue, black, or even clear. But under a few circumstances, if your diamond seems to look yellow or brown, it is considered ugly or not so attractive. The reason is brown and yellow diamonds are not in demand and also, they are not as expensive as other diamonds. If your diamond looks yellow or brown then there is a high chance that your diamond score must be in between D-Z. The biggest reason for it not being expensive is those diamonds don't sparkle like the other colors do.

Clarity indicates the blemishes. It’s more like clarity indicates the size and the number of blemishes in a diamond. These are also known as inclusions. Flawless or nearly flawless diamonds will have less inclusion on them.

How to Make the Diamonds’ Picture Attractive

If you are a jewelry businessman then this point is the most commonly wondered question for you. Jewelry is the trickiest product shot. Since it is sensitive. And when you talk about diamonds then it becomes way more sensitive and important to make it attractive.

However, there are some points from which you can take notes. Firstly, fix your place. Where do you want to shoot? Outdoor or indoor. Based on that you will fix your time. The goal is to avoid direct sunlight or any harsh light in general. In jewelry shoots, you need to have dimmed or soft lights. Because that can mess up the sparkle of the diamond.

Besides the time and place, equipment is a big concern. For a professional shoot, you cannot go with anything you have. Yes, you can start with whatever you have. But it won’t be professional if you don’t put in the effort that way. And the equipment can be a professional camera, tripod, lightbox, light diffuser, light cone, translum paper, paper holding clips, gray card, etc. Also, you have to focus on the camera settings for jewelry photoshoots. You can shoot on your phone as well but the camera quality of the phone has to be up to the mark.


This was all about diamond sparkle. Why do diamonds sparkle and why do different diamonds sparkle in different ways? We also talked about how to shoot jewelry. But what about after shooting? Let’s lessen your tension. You can put the pressure on us. Check professional jewelry retouching services on your page and decide for yourself. You will have your job done. So, what are you waiting for?


Yes, diamond sparkles largely because of its cut. A well-cut diamond maximizes light reflection and refraction, creating internal brilliance and dispersion of light, which are unskippable for its sparkling appearance.
No, all diamonds do not sparkle the same way. A diamond's sparkle depends on various factors such as its cut, clarity, color, and the quality of light it's exposed to. That’s the main reason why all the diamonds don’t sparkle the same way.
Yes, the size of a diamond can impact its sparkle. Larger diamonds might exhibit more noticeable sparkle due to their increased surface area and the potential for light to interact with more facets, enhancing their brilliance.
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