Best Jewelry Designers: Leading the Jewelry Trends in 2023

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News Sep 21, 2023

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Best Jewelry Designers

Jewelry is beauty, beauty jewelry; rephrasing Keats's quote makes me realize how jewelry has made an impact in civilization. Jewelry designers have constantly been exploring and coming up with enchanting shows of designs with upgraded technology.

Those beautiful metals and pearls, emeralds, diamonds and the other gemstones meeting with those talented people is everything! There are a lot of best jewelry designers from then to now, we got a few to name here.

Best Jewelry Designers and Their Influences in Our Styling

We have a list of old and high-end jewelry brands and trendy jewelry designers that are coming up with newer remarks in the jewelry industry. The list is surely big, but here we have a selection of the best jewelry designers based on popular choices and unique works.

1. Tiffany & Co ~ Tribute to Elsa Peretti

Elsa Peretti is a signature name of jewelry artistry. Tiffany & Co. has got some iconic designs by Elsa Peretti that will always be adored by the world. Elsa’s creations are real and thoughtful and became the most popular items of Tiffany. Elsa Peretti started working with Tiffany in 1974, She worked on sterling silver and that was quite a Boom for both Silver and Tiffany since that company had not worked on silver for 25 years before assigning her to this silver collection.

Elsa got inspiration from found objects like a bottle, teardrop, bone, jar, and heart that come from a plain surface and are sculptural. Her designs speak of her mind, the emotional soul that wants to stay connected, not to be seen from afar. Carrying the bottle as your necklace, how thoughtful is this! I was wondering what’s the thing. What was in her mind while designing this bottle? Well, it was that gardenia, the flower was admired by the ladies of Portofino, they used to carry Gardenia in their decollete, wear in their hair and it was so much in there..Else, however, thought the flower fades and wilts. So she made that bottle necklace to soak the flower stem in the water to keep the flower fresh!

Her Open Heart Pendant is the most iconic one to mention. This design was inspired by Henry Moore’s sculpture. Elsa says that this open heart pendant celebrates what is inside your heart-that; what is inside is much more important than what is outside, and the open space for you to fill.

Elsa Peretti’s Bone Cuff is another legendary item. Her inspiration for that piece is human bones. It comes in different sizes and for your left hand. You can't wear it on the right wrist since it accentuates your wrist bone by metalizing your wrist. This is so much metal flat that it looks like your hand is made this way like a body part.

Tiffany & Co ~ Tribute to Elsa Peretti

2. Cartier ~ Louis Cartier, the Legendary Jeweler

Cartier, ‘King of Jewelers and Jewelers of Kings’; proclaimed by King Edward VII. Cartier is widely regarded as having created more iconic and influential jewelry pieces than any other luxury jewelry brand. European Royalty, Asian Maharajs have been the customers of CARTIER for hundreds of years.

Louis Cartier elevated the art of jewelry design to new heights by fusing traditional techniques with modern materials and designs. He was one of the first jewelers to use diamonds in a non-traditional way, and he also experimented with new materials such as platinum and gold. Louis Cartier's jewelry was often inspired by nature, and he was known for his use of intricate craftsmanship and beautiful stones. His brilliant designs make Cartier House one of the most prestigious jewelry brands in the world.

Asymmetrical structure, Geometry and contrast is the theme of Luis' play with jewelry design. Cartier stacking of rings, cuffs, and earrings are a styling sensation. Cartier’s icon Panther makes an elegant presence in the maison of Cartier. Lois gave Jeanne Toussaint the first full body Panther made with diamond. And then Toussaint, who became the art director of Cartier, introduced Panther in three dimensions in the year of 1948, she kept the Panther motif high and that became a style icon of the 20th century.


3. Marco Valente High Jewelry

Marco Valente produces high jewelry pieces like music. Even though they do not create audio vibrations, they can shake you with the rhythm of gemstone placement.

Being an Italian descendant, Marco concentrated on making the high jewelry something carryable without discomfort. Italians see jewelry as a beauty that needs to be carried in everyday life. But high jewelry needs to be designed in such a way so that you can use it normally. Marco made the magic here; the pieces are done with complex technical mechanisms, yet they are easy to wear.

Macro focused on diamonds for the level of perfection it creates in a piece. But these are random diamonds; since Marco Valente uses only D, E, and F color diamonds. You get these diamonds only five percent here on Earth. Marco Valente covers the gold or silver with diamonds to highlight the sparkle of the stones.

Marco Valente High Jewelry

4. Mejuri-Noura Sakkijha

Mejuri runs with the tagline Everyday Fine Jewelry. If you go to YouTube, you will see everyone showing you their collection that must have a mejuri hoops, bracelets or finger rings. Even the celebrities like Bella Hadid, Billie Elish, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, and Haily Bieber love to enhance their days with these timeless little Mejuri stackings and charms. The best of all pieces are the hoop earrings. Mejuri has 60 different kinds of hoop styles till now; the number might increase!

Mejuri jewelry is made with high-quality materials. Noura Sakkijha wants to be in reach of girls from all spheres and thus her designs are both stylish and affordable. Mejuri offers a variety of collections, including classic pieces like solitaire diamond rings and more unique designs like stacking rings and personalized necklaces. They also offer a variety of metals, including gold, silver, and rose gold. The personalized letter charms pendant series has a wide variety. The little hoops, huggies, stacker and duo rings, coin series, zodiac pendant necklace, boyfriend bold bracelet, Boyfriend Bold Chain Necklace, and organic pearl hoop; the collection is really big! If we are to talk about the best fashion jewelry designers, Mejuri is a great option for high-quality, stylish jewelry at an affordable price.

Mejuri-Noura Sakkijha

5. Valérie Messika - Messika

Messika is just perfect for accessorizing a 2023 It girl, said Karamoh, Harvey’s stylist; is it a real thing? Seems so! Vallerie Messika’s intention is to keep the glamor of jewels among the girls in general. But celebrities are also picking Messika not only for regular use; they are appearing on red carpets for years.

The contemporary minimalist designs of Messika are hugely impactful to the womenfolk these days. Not an easy deal to beat luxury jewelry brands like Bulgari, Tiffany, Buccellati, Chopard, etc that have been dominating for ages!

One of the famous female jewelry designers, Valérie Messika, is the founder of Messika. Messika’s intention is to make the diamond flexible and wearable but not less shiny in any form. If you are someone who loves diamonds but doesn't want to carry the hassle of wearing it, those days are gone. The motto is to be able to use your gemstone comfortably, that worked and now Messika is one of the top jewelry designers.

Valérie Messika - Messika

6. Bvlgari - The Show Stopper of Our List!

Bvlgari, pronounced as Bulgari, is an Italian designer jewelry brand and it is one of the most influential & historic jewelry designers of all ages. Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari started this venture in Rome in 1884 and the legacy continued, from silver to gold to eclectic gemstones, unconventional materials in versatile designs.

They have an iconic Serpenti that represents heritage and creativity. Serpenti has been symbolizing Bulgari since the 1940s, a 775-year-long story of glory.

Bvlgari is always spotted on the red carpets and mostly in the wishlist. Bulgari is expensive because of the finest crafting and exclusive designs by top best jewelers in the world. Not to mention, the materials are of a quality that makes your Bvlgari pieces eye-dazzling. The making cost behind the pieces is something big, and it is Bvlgari, not only one of the best classic jewelry brands, it is number 1 in rank! The Bvlgari collection includes vibrant high jewelry, sophisticated watches, and engagement rings.

Bvlgari - The Show Stopper of Our List!

To wind up

A jewelry design can come out with the hands of the craftsmen’s technical brilliance. Jewelry brands like Bulgari, Chopard, Van Cleef & Arpels, Buccellati, David Webb, Mikimoto, Graff, Harry Winston, and David Yurman are surely jewelry giants. Here, we see the evolution of famous jewelry designers in quite a great way. Many designers like Khiri, Feng J, and Ferret Paris are making amazing transformations in jewelry design as well.

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