5 Best Headshot Photographers Retable for 2024

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Photography Jan 18, 2024

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Best Headshot Photographers

Some pictures seem so easy and effortless until you are the photographer and have to take the photos. Just take headshot photography for example. Headshot photography seems so easy to do. But bringing up the natural glow and making people feel like they are in the moment in simple headshot photography can only be done by the best headshot photographers.

Let’s talk about the best headshot photographers that you can go to, to bring life to your headshot photos in 2024.

Best Headshot Photographers

There are so many photographers in America who will offer you headshot photography. And you might wanna take their offer based on their rates or other facilities. But, it’s also important to know the best headshot photographers in the USA and their uniqueness so that either you hire them or compare them with your service. Let’s see the top 5 photographers.

1. Peter Hurley


Peter Hurley is one of the top headshot photographers in NYC and LA. He is the industry leader in the headshot photography industry. He offers Double Takes, Back in Black, Touch of Gray, All Business, and Classic White headshots.

Peter Hurley is the headshot photographer guru according to many new headshot photographers. He has the magical touch to lighten up every model’s expression and make it look amazing. His co-workers describe that his methods are unique because he doesn’t force or guide his clients to fake smiles. He creates a friendly environment that makes the client feel comfortable and the smile comes naturally.

Peter Hurley

In his recent interviews, he also mentioned that headshot photography is a versatile method and one should not charge less for it. Holding up the value one should according to the market value. He also talked about the photography business. It’s not just the skills of the photographer that vary the worth of him, it is also about the marketing strategy that one can apply to his career.

2. Michael Roud


Michael Roud is also a famous and successful headshot photographer in the USA and is considered the top in LA. He is well known for creating portfolios for modelers in Los Angeles.

Michael Roud

Michael describes that he works in a way that people start to notice his clients. Michael's goal is to grab the viewers' attention in a way that feels like the modeler is talking through her eyes. He truly believes that the eyes are the window of the soul. He works to make his clients stand out.

3. Alan Weissman


Alan Weissman is known as a celebrity photographer whose office is located in Los Angeles. He is also an award-winning photographer for headshots.

Alan Weissman

Alan Weissman got strong reviews from his clients that made him one of the top headshot photographers. Especially he got clients from Hollywood, mostly celebrities, and got positive reviews from them as well. This reflects that he is not only just a great photographer but also a great person who gives photography services that make the clients leave positive reviews for him.

4. Michael Levy


Michael Levy is also one of the top acting photographers of headshots in New York City. He was born on Valentine’s Day, 1983.

Michael Levy

Michael Levy believes that techs are not responsible for making a great headshot photo or any photo in general. It’s in the photographer who can make a photo great if he/she believes in himself as an artist which shows that he is his own best feature. Professional photographers should have faith in themselves to creatively use a camera that is enough to hold a story. Michael Levy is not only a photographer, he is also an actor. According to Michael Levy, it fuels his desire to listen to others.

5. Jordan Matter


Jordan Matter is an American headshot photographer who is also a famous YouTuber. He is mostly famous for dance photography.

Jordan Matter

Jordan’s photography tells us that you don’t have to be a modeler to have outstanding photos of your work. Moreover, he wasn’t even into photography at first. He was a basketballer. It all started when he saw his friend’s headshot photography and thought it was very boring and plain. So, he gave it a shot and now his photography has been featured in many magazines and articles. He also proves that dreams and talent don’t have any age limit.

The headshot photographers that we talked about are considered the top best headshot photographers. They have very different journeys from each other and have very inspiring stories of their own to share.

Best Headshot Retouching That You Can Get

Headshot photography is not the only thing one needs to represent him/herself in the corporate field in a professional look. Natural studios are not enough to grab professional, formal pictures with a depth of reflective personality in it. That’s why every headshot photography needs a touch of retouching. Not by any retouchers by professional retouchers. Color Clipping Ltd is the perfect solution for this.

Headshot retouching is the process that refines the appearance of the modeler and corrects the flaws that it may hold. The purpose of Headshot retouching is to make the look representable for the corporate field. So, in a sense, your retoucher will retouch your career. It’s better to go for the experienced and skilled one.


A high-quality headshot photo is considered to have about 5”x7” at 300 dpi (1500x2100 pixels). The higher the resolutions are the better the pictures get.
there is no color rule here but depending on the background and skin tone your color might vary. For example, if you have a dark background and a lighter skin tone, you can go for something like a beige, peach, or light gray color, etc.
While looking into the camera, smile and create eye contact with the camera lens. Change your poses to create variation in the pictures and there you have it. Good headshot poses.

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