Way of eCommerce Product Resizing

Resizing Photos for eCommerce Products

Way of eCommerce Product Resizing

In this era of technology, e-commerce calls for high-quality product images. Therefore, it is demanding to represent product images in different sizes. To attract customers around and to provide consistent accuracy and beauty, product images are resized.

Glamour and beauty create positive attraction from a customer which increases the impression of the product.

It is well known that beautification in e-commerce site make customers come back for shopping. Whereas, returned customers create a great impression and are more valuable than new customers. And, beautification is only possible when images are represented in a different size. Different product sizes create consistency and accuracy. The consistency of product images throughout an e-commerce site makes the shopping experience smooth. Also, accuracy generates trusts among the customers.

So it is fundamental to your business that you provide a positive shopping experience and enhance consumer satisfaction by showing the customers what exactly they are getting. Accurate representation of your products erases the space for confusion and builds on trust and customer loyalty.

Photography drawback for e-commerce products

The difficult and most creative part that photographers face during product photography is to scale and the ratio of the product. You have to consider the subject of presenting in different sizes of the product keeping the consistent intact look. You can't actually put specific measurements on a product photo to show its actual size.

It is very hard to represent the real-life sizes like medium, large, extra-large through Photoshoot. So it falls on the responsibility of the photo editors to come up with techniques to represent different sizes of the product. There are some general techniques which you can use to get what you want by post-processing.

Resizing photos for e-commerce products

The goal of the photo editors is to make it easier for the customers to choose whose size they want from the product photos. The images should help customers to get an accurate idea of the size and prevent them from buying wrong sizes. There are some guidelines about it. When you are using a similar product to show different size you should represent the size difference.

Prepare your own sizing guide by Photoshop. Create a new Photoshop document and configure your existing requirements. You can use alignment techniques to represent different sizes. It will help you maintaining consistency around different products throughout your e-commerce site. Set your guide for bottom aligning the product. This will be the baseline for your product. Then take 20% percent of free space which will be the place the product. Now draw several lines each has 10% space between them. The lines actually represent different sizes.

increase eCommerce product impression

The top line represents the largest size of your product. Now set your medium guide to a distance that you feel represents a Change. It does not have to be proportional but you just make sure differences are visible.

Finally, set your smallest guide to the same distance away from the medium as like medium is from the large. Make sure your product is still visible at that size. Now go through all your product images to fit into the different sizing guide. As all the products are edited and optimized in the same sizing technique. Now images will have the consistency. Now the first resized image would represent the large size of the product. Add another sample of the image with sizing matching to the medium line.

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