How to Improve Vertical Aspect Landscapes Photos?

Some Tips to Take Vertical Aspect Photos

How to Improve Vertical Aspect Landscapes Photos?

Generally, landscape images are taken using the horizontal aspect. Most of the time this happens because we experience and perceive reality in horizontal view. However, sometimes landscape photography looks stunning and beautiful in vertical aspect photos. It gets features of beauty unlike anything else.

The vertical landscapes photos suit far better than horizontal aspect photography sometimes and are more appropriate.

In this blog, I will discuss the reason why should take sometimes landscapes images in vertical aspects and how can be a master to shoot them. So, let’s begin-

Reasons for Vertical Format:

As we all perceived that, there is a commercial need for the horizontal landscape photography than the vertical aspect photos. That’s why photographers usually consider horizontal aspects to shoot. It has become kind of like a spoken rule of landscapes images. But it would be better for you to consider both vertical and horizontal aspect of the composition of the photo.

There are some reasons why I prefer vertical aspect and why every photographer should follow it. It's very easy and fast to learn vertical aspect photography. On my following blog, I will try to teach you the way to shoot them perfectly. Thus, you will be able to make interesting landscape images using Vertical aspect composition using a wide-angle lens.

Photos taken in the vertical landscape are easier to frame up. Also, you can provoke the viewer's eye to the image by astonishing different angle frame. You don’t need to be too conscious about your foreground elements in vertical landscapes. And it’s easier to eliminate foreground distraction to make a compact composition in this format.  Therefore, you can select a photogenic subject which will be followed by a beautiful landscape behind.

Even today I find it very easy to take a photo of the sunset using vertical aspect composition. I use anything from rock, grasses, to flowers for my photography subjects. Moreover, for the last several years, our industry has increased its popularity of the vertical composition photos.

Now a day's vertical aspect photos sell at a decent price because of their usage in editorial and magazine covers. In this sector, the vertical aspect model works well with the layout of the printed medium.

Some tips to take vertical aspect photos

It’s a thumb rule of photography that getting low and very close to the subject increases the beauty of leading lines. Also, the visual weight of the foreground subjects. To do this kind of things you will need a tripod to place your camera properly.

If you have ultra-wide lenses, it is possible to include the full view of the scene. This will also increase the dynamics of the image. You must get above the foreground subject and make image composition from up to down. In this case, also you need a tripod. So, a tripod is the most valuable tool for vertical format.

During vertical landscapes composing, I sometimes break the photo into three layers. The composer should maintain interest in all three of this zone. These zones are called midground, background and foreground. You must think of the quality of all the visual zones.

Try to play with your vertical space by leaving some extra spaces in the photo. This might seem very cool for the photograph.

If you buy a tripod, then buy an L –shaped tripod. It would allow you to mount your camera on the vertical level and get the actual vertical aspect of the camera.

So, that’s all discussions for today. I hope from now on you will start doing vertical on your landscapes.

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