Unlock the Reflection of Adornment by Jewellery Color Correction

Unlock the Reflection of Adornment by Jewellery Color Correction

Unlock the Reflection of Adornment by Jewellery Color Correction

Jewellery Color Correction

On professional photography, photographers try to capture attractive & glamorous image. Along with them image editors generally use same & normal way to get a specific result for creating new astonishing images. Especially in jewellery pictures, colour correction has a great importance for improving reflection of precious metals.

The process of changing & setting the right colour is known as a colour correction. For bad lighting, the natural brightness of jewellery is damaged. Photographers try to set the lighting in the right way. But the light adjustment doesn’t fall at right proportion on jewellery.

In the digital world, colour correction demand is increasing day by day. From expert to amateur photographer all are searching for proper jewellery colour correction service. This is true for beauty & fashion industry, magazine & manufacture companies, any e-commerce companies or any publication companies.

In jewellery photography, the way of reflecting rings, bracelets or other metals has been a mystery for a long time. It is a quite different technique than other photography. Because the key point is to pay attention to outlook before going all shiny, tiny, sharpness, lighting, exposure etc.

For jewellery shooting lighting is a key point, sometimes successful photographer uses numerous manipulation. Direct lighting when produce image with high contrast & deep shadow. In high-quality shots, reflectiveness is a challenge for ornaments. Some tricks of reflection correction help to eliminate over reflectiveness.

Mastering jewellery colour correction:

If anyone wants to be master of this photography, the secret work is quite simple.

  • First of all, select an image which is look too grey, dim & unclear
  •  Go to the image adjustment curves which give the image a bit lighter by raising the upper part, press ok.
  • Take polygonal lasso tool or any other selection tool, press Ctrl+j
  • Create a new layer & fill the layer with any colour or cut out item layer.
  • Select the item a silver colour goes to image adjustment hue & saturation & lower the saturation a bit
  • Curves again to make a small curve upwards to give more lightness
  • Filter sharpen, smart sharpen & add generous amount
  • Take a brush tool to set the grey that makes a dot anywhere
  • Transform scale flattens the brushed dot.
  • Place under the item & lower the opacity

In the commercial image, retouching’s one kind of part is jewellery editing. This work is held in photo editing software Photoshop. It refers to make the presence of the picture ready to the eyes of customers. Improving colour, brightness, sharpness, tones etc. are make clients heartbreaking, those are improved by colour correction. Editing the picture of numerous pieces of jewellery, companies are available with highly qualified specialists. They make more appealing images to the clients.

When clients want to buy any ornaments items from any e-commerce sites they the search the best one. But sometimes they are not choosing the best thing also they face difficulties after seeing a lot of items. Because if the picture is not clear clients become confused. Keeping this mind if photographers use jewellery editing process that helps to increase sale and popularity.

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