Tale of Delivering Perfection

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News Sep 4, 2023

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Tale of Delivering Perfection

Clipping & Coloring for Clapping; we do photo retouching to get ultimate crisp photos that flourish with admiration. Along with 100 percent customer satisfaction, we thrive for perfection in delivering your ideal images, right on time with an easy operating system.

Our Niche - Photo Editing Services

We provide image editing and retouching services. Our services include; Jewelry Retouching, E-commerce image Editing, Real Estate Photo Editing, Newborn Photo Retouching, Product Photo Retouching, Headshot and Beauty Photo Retouching.

Our Visual Identity - logo

Our Visual Identity - Logo

Our logo type is a combination mark type. The camera lens shape is done with a graphical C in black, surrounding a red, green, blue colorful shutter symbol. The C then completes the round with some pixel symbols.

The Initial Sign

The Initial Sign

What’s the C for? Well, Color Clipping’s initial is C, So, C for CC; CC = Color Clipping!

Colorful Shutter Symbol

Colorful Shutter Symbol

A shutter to instantly give a hint that we work on images. The splash of color is inspired from the RGB color wheel. This colorful shutter symbol on a white background reminds that you can’t capture a white subject in a white background.

Pixel Marks

Pixel Marks

Not a bit of photo sight gets untouched; we concentrate on detailing pixel by pixel to make the image extraordinary. Our fine tuning completes the look of an image as like physical reality, standing in front of you.

The Name - Color Clipping

Color & Clipping are two vital concepts in the photo retouching industry. That directly tells our business concern - Image Editing. From clipping to color adjusting, everything!


Color makes an image happen, even for a monochrome photo you need a pigmentation or a shade, which we call black. And the color palette here depicts the play of tints in the image. In photo editing, we bring the color back that gets lost in translation into a photograph. We check color with a premium tool and then work precisely on getting the exact color tone of the subject until it gets the right hue.


What else can depict photo editing than the word Clipping? Whatever editing service you need, you can’t go past the clipping path in editing photos. We keep this word with us that defines our company complimenting the word Color.

Our Slogan

Enhancing Perfection is our slogan. We make perfection a regular term because there is no other option.


Our Tagline

Our tagline is - Devoted to Deliver Perfection. Our passion is perfection. We perfectly edit photos, maintain customer care service and provide best features to make a comfortable editing journey.

Our Company Values/ What’s our Pitch?

We are dedicated to delivering perfection; even though perfection is a complex & relative term. And some may say, achieving perfection is next to impossible but in photo retouching, perfection is the definition of your quality. We ensure perfection pixel by pixel in each image. We also maintain the theme of perfection in timing as well; we rarely go late! Maintaining swift customer care support is our motto as well.

What’s the Spark?

Growing in the photo editing industry with grace and keeping up the consistency of our work service quality. Our CEO also has a mission to expand the horizon by growing a skilled workforce and being a significant hand in lessening unemployment problems. We keep this journey as sublime as the desire to reach the destination. We love what we do.

Inhouse Experts

Our strength is our extraordinary retouching wizards. We never outsource. Instead we choose to grow with integrity and expand our skill sets for perfection always and appreciate suitable AI. We hire experts and train them furthermore to catch our style of a solid editing train.

Advanced Technology

We are equipped with advanced technology for high-quality image editing. We are always upgrading our resources to maintain the quality of our product and follow new techniques.

It’s easy to be in here

We ensure perfection in every step from your ordering to making payment. For a smooth ordering system we made you a portal account, you can upload and download your files easily. You can also pay your due on our wallet balance. Our support team is always there to make your purchasing experience hassle-free.

Our Clients

We have got clients from all over the world. Photographers, business owners, startups, models and e-commerce owners rely on us for their work. Being blessed to have satisfied clients who keep coming back to us for their newer ventures motivates us for the long run.


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