Practicing Mobile Photography

Precursor of Perfect Photoshoot

Practicing Mobile Photography

Smartphones have become the go-to cameras to take photos in our daily life. Now a day’s phone camera comes with intelligent and quality settings. For that, like me During mobile photography, you need to be careful about some basic things.

Precursor of perfect photoshoot

Photography is all about capturing light. The quality of the photograph single-handedly depends on the light, it’s true. Making a good image to a great image, good lighting helps. The sun & the shadow both are the main facts on the subjects. In the low light situation, the smartphone is not always great. The golden hour is shortly after sunrise or prior to sunset may be the best time to take photos by mobile.

Always photography camera is not available in every situation. In this time, we use the mobile camera. But you should understand how to use the mobile phone camera to take a good photo. The mobile camera has limited shutter speed range & fixed aperture. But in case of major exposure, you can adjust by adopting ISO. More ever mobile phone has a various app to help get around these camera limitations.  

Practicing Mobile Photography:

There are some basic practices you can follow to get a perfect photograph using a mobile. First and foremost, you have to keep your camera lenses always clean. The dirt, grease and dust on the camera always make it hard to get a good exposure in the photo. Dirt on your lenses will block the light to come into the camera.

Another important thing is that you have to know to use the focus that all mobile camera has. You have to touch the focus on the right object so that it has the brightest light exposure. Another great tip is that don’t use the zoom feature as long as you can. Zooming an area distorts the visibility quite a bit on the object. The reason is that the zoom in mobiles is digital zooms, not optical zooms. It will always reduce the quality of the image.

Always keep your hands steady when taking a picture. It is because these cameras do not have a large focal range.

Even if you get a good image, there might be lighting issues, unwanted backgrounds in the image. You can get rid of those limitations by taking help by the photo editing service.

Mobile can be as perfect as DSLR sometimes

Sometimes mobile camera work as DSLR camera. All the great editing apps & filters are mostly available. Small sensor camera needs huge light. That needs sunlight, use a piece of paper to bounce light, use a flashlight or another mobile phone screen as a light source.

To frame the main subject in the foreground & give depth of shots. Though shoot window mirrors other objects framing provides context & adds interest. Black & white composition work in mobile camera. Take advantage of backlighting. A large number of people get excited about the chance to offered by mobile technology.  

Moreover, there are different communities for taking photo walks. You can join photo walks held by other photographer’s communities of your area. You can learn a lot by getting in touch with them.  

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