How Should You Position Portrait Subject Using Natural Light?

Given Below to Position Portrait Subject Using Natural Light

How Should You Position Portrait Subject Using Natural Light?

Lighting is the main part of portrait photography. Without light, it is not possible to capture natural-looking portraits. But here are some difficulties to use natural light. Because sometimes it is too much or sometimes it is too little. For this problem, you can go with artificial light if needed.

When shoot portrait photo, try to carry two flash guns. It helps to carry a prime lens. At the time of the indoor shooting, it opens up at f/1.4. But, natural light can also help without any reflection.

Given Below to Position Portrait Subject Using Natural Light-

A sunny day is not proper enough to take portraits. When the sun is directly hitting the face on a bright day, photography becomes sophisticated. You can position your subject in a way that light coming from overhead or 45-degree angle. If you are not moving along with the sun, then you have to move subject to leverage natural light.

On a sunny day, a photo you want to capture with a blue sky with the sea as well as the people, you can use cannon D700 which has ISO 200 & 50 mm 1.4 lens. I think this setting is perfect for a sunny day shoot. You can also inflame people, sea & sky that you want to be in your photo.

Lighting position few issues can be maintained by the camera to take a good photograph. You can easily use automatic mood & that photo looks same. Even, nowadays mobile phones camera can take amazing photos when lighting position is in perfect position.

To use natural light positioning your portrait subject, you can capture harsh shadows. When the sun is behind the subject, this backlighting options can be used to take mesmerizing portraits. I prefer to take photos even the sunlight is coming at a side-angle. Therefore, you get the undiffused lighting hitting the portrait subject and harsh hotspots.

The main difficulty with shooting backlight is it requires an expert camera hand. Here, the light instructs the subject and gets difficult where the backlight become brighter. You can take photos when photos ware not taken in fully open space but the shade is weaker.

Suppose, a hat or objects are provided to get light & shadow in the same portrait. This contrast of lighting makes a great rank of light& shadow. Make sure the main focus is the subject face. Also be careful that doesn't make the background being blown or washed out.

On a very bright day, you can experiment with taking portraits in the shaded area. You can position the subject in some shade area but there is some reflected light present. Such as, behind you caravan or car, you can find this place. This portrait will get the illuminate lighting which is amazing.

In some cases, where fluorescent light is present, you can use the reflected light to take a portrait. This condition will also give the illuminated lighting. Indoor lighting where natural light is not present, bouncing white light will get you the best shot. You just need to position portrait subject in right place.

Indoor or outdoor shooting is always important when you are photographing portraits. Knowing these ways of leveraging natural light, I think you will get your perfect portraits. When the subject placement is perfect with accurate natural lighting, you can create a beautiful portrait.

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