Photographic Society of America (PSA)

PSA Membership Categories And Fees

Photographic Society of America (PSA)

In 1919, the Associated Camera Clubs of America was built. But in 1934 its name was changed & named Photographic Society America (PSA). It is an organization of photography. Its activities are worldwide & provide a wide range of services to promote photography.

This organization member can improve their photographic knowledge & skills what have. They can participate in competitions & educational programs. These competitions are occurred in clubs, councils, federations & chapters. Member image galleries are always accessible for viewing the images.

Mission of PSA

‘Promote the Arts & Sciences of Photography’ was founded by PSA. The PSA strategic planning committee wide the original mission & developed the present one. That was approved by the Board of Directors.
    The Photographic Society of America (PSA) promotes the art & science of photography for the photographers. It helps communication, image appreciation & cultural exchange.
    PSA provides education, information, inspiration & opportunity for all persons interested in photography.

PSA’s activities

More than 80 countries have PSA members. It offers individual & photo organization membership. These organization activities are - a monthly journal, online photo galleries. It has other facilities like as image evaluation, study groups, courses, competitions, an annual conference, opportunity for recognition of photographic achievement & service, discounts on photography related products & services.

Individual Members

•    A unique PSA ID number only can receive individual members.
•    To use PSA website you can use member ID number or email & a password.
•    Individual members can enjoy Member’s only page.
•    Scope to produce their own newsletters.
•    Available on seven online photography courses.
•    Every member can create a Member Gallery.
•    There has the opportunity to assist from PSA Consultants.
•    Has the ability to Member Search tool?
•    Opportunity to earn awards from the society or any photographic achievement
•    Members have access to study group, image evaluation services, PSA mentor

PSA Member clubs/councils

•    Members get the opportunity to update club or council information. They can print a membership card, renew membership, download a PSA logo for your website, PSA Club Member Representative page.
•    PSA Members Clubs/Councils can receive a unique PSA Club ID number for them.
•    Opportunity to use PSA Club or Council ID number or representative email plus a password for login. But individual members cannot use both.
•    PSA Member club/ council representative page access only have PSA Member Club or Council Representative.
•    Opportunity to printed PSA Journal, including the annual Who’s Who in Photography, sent to Club or Council representative only- no online option.
•    Has the opportunity to workshop in image analysis. Program Lending Library for materials to use club or council events.
•    For education, exhibition hosting, interclub competition, judging, recognition, PSA contests, club programs & technical assistance has consultants.
•    “How to Host an international Exhibition” there has a consultant to educate clubs or councils about this.
•    This organization encourages photographers to find & join local clubs by using social media.
•    Opportunity to PSA service awards for clubs
•    Receive special discounts created for the club
•    Through Youth Showcase program member clubs can outreach

PSA Education Program

PSA offers Online Course for learning something new & it descripts or see a list of graduates from each. But only PSA members those are logged in the enrollment forms. There has a complete list of online courses offered. Members who wish exact that someone shares their experience willingly as like a mentor. PSA has this opportunity to works as a mentor. PSA members get the chance to gather knowledge from consultants.

Membership Categories & Fees:

Photographic Society of America offers three categories. Those are - individual, club & youth & have 1,2 or 3-year terms.
•    Individual members have opportunity print PSA Journal in a digital format with a low rate.
•    Club representatives have scope to share their fellow members the printed journal.
•    Under 18, youth members enjoy various benefits.

The rate of digital membership is the same around the world. But on the other hand, Club membership get the printed journal facilities but have not facilities for digital membership. PSA $45 to $100 are the individual's range but not included printed journal.


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At the end of, it would be easy to talk that the Photographic Society of Association is worked on photographers help. This association supports the photographer to increase their skill & level higher. They can get refund scope.

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