New York Press Photographers Association

It was near 26th St and formed a fraternal organization

New York Press Photographers Association

Before the foundation of The New York Press Photographers Association in 1913, the same association was known as the Press Photographers of New York. In 1915, April 17 a group of 58 News Photographers of the various news organizations in New York gathered at the Castle Cave Restaurant at 271 7th Ave. It was near 26th St and formed a fraternal organization, with a motive where news photographers could meet on social occasions. Also, to share ideas and get to know one another through better communication, instead of always meeting on the run at fires and breaking news stories.

The New York Press Photographers Association is the oldest press organization in the world, whereas New York is well known as the media center of the world. A professional photographer still needed for working on the social, organizational photography. The organization is consisted of over active 375 members.

The Association:

•    For social & educational purpose organized the regular meeting

•    Accredited 501(c) (6) Organization

•    It maintains a liaison with Governmental agencies that actions directly affect the Media

•    To work out working conditions with the various college and professional sports teams is   keeping a committee

•    Have regular newsletter publishing process

•    Organize an annual contest with exhibition & an awards dinner & dance

•    Arrange an annual Holiday Party (which benefits underprivileged children)

•     Arrange other social events such as boat rides, fishing trips, and picnics

•    Each year we publish the New York Press Photographer displaying the winning work of the members from the annual contest

Freedom of the press is guarded as the born right of people in a free society. Photojournalists should earn respect and the trustworthiness. The NYPPA believes adhering to a professional code of ethics; this is possible to achieve.

When no one is perfect, the NYPPA encourages photojournalists to recognize and take personal responsibility for his or her actions. The association also promotes dialogue and discussion, which results, teach and benefit professional photographers. Moreover, representing a document to the world.

Regular Member:

A Video or Still photojournalist, working for recognized daily newspapers, news photo wire services, picture agencies, magazines & television news organizations. Applicant must live or work within a 75-mile radius of the intersection of 42nd Street and 5th Avenue in New York City.

Associate Member:

An Associate member consists of a person who is or was active in the media and related fields. Associate Members may not vote or hold the elected officials. However, they may serve, vote and participate fully on committees of the NYPPA They may enter the annual Pictures of the Year.

Student Member:

A Full-time or part-time student studying photojournalism at an accredited educational institution. Student members may participate in all social and meeting functions of the NYPPA except hold an elective office or vote in biannual elections. Students may enter the annual Pictures of the Year contest.

Through NYPPA actions, photographers earn respect and honor, which are their value. For that NYPPA strives to serve the truth. The public and the historical documentation of recent time with the scintillation images.

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