Reputed Brands for 24-70mm Lens

Awesome Features For 24-70mm Lens

Reputed Brands for 24-70mm Lens

Through my Photography career, I have seen that most of the experienced mates of mine choose 24-70mm lenses. This choice is so significant if they are asked to use only one lens without any hesitation every time they select this fascinating lens.

Reputed brands for 24-70mm lens

24-70mm lens has become the apex choice for Photographers as it initiates many advantages. Here, I will discuss why this specific lens has become the most favourite? Also, the way to shoot perfectly using this great lens.

The market for the 24-70mm lenses is continuously increasing, it may be a reason for the price being minimized down fast. Most of the popular brands like Canon, Nikon have included it one on their product list. You can also go with other third party lens brand which can provide you great quality at cheaper price.

For instance, sigma can be useful. Recently, Sigma recently has announced a new 24-70mm lens – an eagerly awaited addition to their coveted Art series. Not only that it comes in much cheaper than Canon or Nikon.

Awesome features await you

Most obviously, it is a prime concern for all the photographers that what is the size of the lens? The 24-70mm lens has an average size of 3.28 x 3.28 x 4.86 inches. And it weights approximately 2 pounds (900g). Therefore, this lens is neither the largest nor the heaviest lens. Thus it becomes much convenient for regular photography. Also, this lens fits into the most cases and easy to carry.

Likewise, the most versatile lenses, 24-70mm lenses attach a full-frame body. For that, it can provide you diverse focal ranges. On my point of view, the biggest selling point of this lens is the focal range and operability in different situations.

To illustrate, during a pet photography shooting, the subjects may move around all over the place continuously. You have to change your perspective very quickly to get the perfect shot. In that situation, 24-70mm lenses with both ends can be good for close-up shots of pets.

With the wide end of lens offer a quirky and fun look. Whereas, the long end is more traditional. The wide end can also be great for including environmental elements for landscape picturesque.

The available range of this lens will allow you to capture more variety from the same subject and location than a typical prime lens will give. Furthermore, it’s fast enough for low-light shooting and subject isolation.

These are the scene of a 24-70 mm lens for being perfect to shoot everything you want to capture in the picture. That’s why it is mostly desired for wedding photography.

Types of Photographers

A 24-70mm zoom is a go-to lens for full frame camera users. A long list of photographers can be included to whom this camera lens will be useful. The reason for this diversity is focal length range. As in it becomes perfect for different kinds of photography including wildlife, travel, lifestyle, documentary, architecture, wedding & event photography.

Personal Recommendation

The EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM the best performing zoom lens was introduced in 2002 by Canon. The lens quickly gained favour for its versatile focal length range, sharpness & wide. With this, you can capture very sharp photos at f/2.8 at all focal lengths. Its colour, contrast and saturation are available for professional usage. In contrast, Canon decided not to include image stabilization which is available for an upgraded lens. Whatever, it can capture excellent quality images.

nikon 24-70mm Lens

Few Downsides

The downside of the 24-70mm is that it is not compatible with Canon's extenders, extension tubes. It will extend the 24-70 L's macro capabilities. Canon's extension tube offerings are the FE 12mm extension tube and EF 25mm extension tube.

Addition to this, the 24-70mm lenses are not cheap. In respect of your budget, it may seem expensive. Not to worry, your expenses will perfectly succumb. Whatsoever, when you are really committed to taking photography as a profession, 24-70 mm lenses are a good tool to start and invest your money.

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