National Geographic Photo Contest

National Geographic Student Expedition 30 finalists are selected by the judges

National Geographic Photo Contest

Among top 10 Photography awards National Geographic Photo Contest is a major one. It is the most desired for many photographers to get the prize and recognition. For 2018 student photo contest one should be at least 13 years old. They all are in grades 7 through 12. And it is occupying in the United States.

Though many participants attend this contest there are some to upload photos. A contestant can upload five photos into online by filling up an entry form. Photo details must be written within a short 100 words or less description for each photo. It is the details of the capturing moment which reflects the photographs. Photos are judged and reviewed by the following few requirements:

  • Creativity 30%,
  • Photographic quality 30%,
  • Composition 30% &
  • written description 10%
  • Execution of theme the spirit of exploration.

National Geographic Student Expedition 30 finalists are selected by the judges. By the votes of 30 finalists, the “People Choice” title image is selected.

Mother Nature’s Camo is the name of Grand Prize Winner. Cole Frechou is the Photographer of this photos. Here, an Alligator is waiting in Duckweed in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was 8-10 feet long and waiting for its prey. For great soft lighting condition with the handy 35mm lens, this photo was able to impress the moderator.

Happy Snorkeling is the name of the second winner. Cole Heine wins the prize for this photographs. The Great Barrier Reef after boating ride from Port Douglas everyone stoked the boat. It’s crystal clear water is the natural attraction of this photos.

Haircuts everywhere is the name of the third winner. Tule Horton is a prize winner. The photo is at Regla, Cuba in Havana. The photo glimpse which is authentic Cuban life capture in unprecedented.

Kevin Fang gets the People Choice Award. The photographs name is Sheets of Ice. This lake is 10 miles hike of the hidden deep. Its beauty is as unexplainable as the unknown force. It’s an adorable moment to capture this photographs. This seen is untellable, solace can be found in solitude high in the sky.


The grand prize winners gift in each category will be featured

  • First place: $2,500
  • Second place: $750
  • Third place: $500

These are the contestant list of the photo contest finalist:

  • A Glimpse into Nomadic Wandering - Emily Shepard
  • Dreaming of Leaving - Gabby Preciado
  • Tumblin' and Driftin' - Pooja Gupta
  • The Way There - Zoey Marciniak
  • All Adventures Lead Home - Catherine Taylor
  • Deviation - Stephanie Hu
  • La Iglesia San Pedro - Jacob Eldred
  • Sand Storm - Julia Gigante
  • Hank - Laurie Wakefield
  • Corbet's Climber - Madelyn Foster
  • The Unsatisfied Scavenger - Isabel Donovan
  • The Flight of the Flightless Bird - Zander Galli
  • Under the Red White & Blue - Abby Cortright
  • Otranto Beauties - Ilsa Yeich
  • Titima - Benjamin Parker
  • In Front of the Hassan II Mosque - Benjamin Parker
  • Do I Dare Disturb the Universe - Stephanie Hu
  • Goodbye Is Not Forever - Rhea Prem
  • Snow Monkey - Yinzhi Pan
  • Teacher, Me - Millie Lee
  • Nevertheless - William Moniz
  • Revolution Cigar - Maisie Molot
  • At Home on the Range - Evan Burnett
  • What Lies Beyond? - Nick Carter

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