Member of Master Photographers Association

Advantage for Photographers - Student Membership

Member of Master Photographers Association

The Master Photographers Association is a photographer’s community for professional photographers. This association is mostly known as a qualifying body for professionals. It was established in 1952, worked as one of the longest standing photographic association in British history.

Advantage for Photographers

MPA has been offering a wide variety of membership & strives to develop professional photographer. By this association, the aspiring photographer can just embark to make their career sunshine. Among the world, MPA brings photographers from the global & local network. In every year, it organizes photography contest.

MPA offers benefits package monitoring programs, motivational regional & national seminars on business building & marketing support. It maintains a holistic approach to support professional photographers to improve their skills. MPA is a fantastic way to confirm photographers in professional status within the photographic industry.

Opportunities for Members

Every member has the opportunity to receive feedback & advice from MPA photographers. They engage as a mentor for ensuring photographers work before submitting. MPA members get benefits from the localized meeting.

Photographers have a fabulous way to enter imagery into monthly competition. It will have a chance to win the completion & receive prize vouchers.

Photographers can choose 3 years, annual, quarterly or monthly membership. They can select suitable one-

  • Annual UK Membership
  • Quarterly UK Membership
  • Monthly Membership

Newborn Certificate

MPA members have the possibility to achieve the newborn certificate. If photographers have provided a detailed health & safety document where includes a standard section as like as fire alarms & exit routes & additional sections as like as studio temperature, sanitation, safe use of props. For a long period when newborn posing, identify there has no circulation problem.


Student Membership

If you are a college or university student, then you can pick the opportunity. Probably, it will give you chance for a future in photography. You will receive-

  • MPA’ s digital editions
  • Free entries in Bi-monthly critique or any competition.
  • Get an invitation to your regional events
  • Discount entry into Master Photography Awards
  • Receive weekly E-news
  • Enter into online member’s forum

Five prints of newborn babies ‘before & after’ shots will need to show with necessary documents. It is the certificate to raise the standards of safety within the newborn photography industry. It shows the parents that you will work with the safety of their newborn baby as it’s your top priority.

Finally, it possible to say MPA will help a photographer to shape its future. In international & local both areas have a vast community to support strong trade representation the MPA. It is accessible to photographic industry. 

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