Method: The Right Way to Customize Jewelry

Method: The Right Way to Customize Jewelry

Method: The Right Way to Customize Jewelry

Customize jewellery means changing the jewellery figure, colour, and adjustment. Suppose a finger ring has a blue stone, you can change the stone colour. It will create a new design jewellery for you. Thus, changing the stone colour, you get a new personalized jewellery which looks different.

The customer often wants to know how you can design your jewellery.  Re-drawing important parts, shadow making, reflection, jewellery blemishes removal, and so on can help you to customize jewellery. If you want to customize jewellery with theshiny and glittering look, Photoshop is the solution.

Here in this blog I just cover the right way to Customize Jewelry. So, let’s have a look for any jewellery photo customization-

The right way to Customize Jewellery

  • Photoshop is the best photo editing software to customize your jewellery photos. That’s why you need to open your editing image with Photoshop. So, you start in Photoshop light room with colour balance. If you shot with agrey card, colour does not need much correcting for the most part. Also, edit photo exposure, contrast, and brightness.
  • Sharpen your image with slightly fuzzy and smooth background. Sharpen edges are required when you want custom rings with anextra touch. Above all, you must play with theamazing background to figure out ways to overcome problems like graininess.


  • A lot of flexibility provides layers. Every layerincreases the size of the files. It is wise to apply the entire image one tiny example is making a global adjustment on a layer, only certain area. If you want you can make achange one layer but still have a copy of the original.


  • You need to adjust the jewellery photo contrast. It is somewhat critical to get the perfect contrast in jewellery photo but not too much hard work to do. There should have something white or at least one a very small area. One is acompletely black area in a photograph in full active area.


  • Then come to thebrightness of jewellery. Make curve upright to increase the brightness and to make jewellery shinier.


  • Layers are the key of Photoshop. It can manipulate individual parts without changing the entire image. If you want this you can sharp the diamonds on a ring without affecting the background. So, the background will remain soft and same.


  • Most of the photographer made up of a number ofcolour correction layers and focus on layers. If you use layers, you can use history option in Photoshop.


  • You can draw a line using the pen tool to isolate a specific area on an image. As a whole selection save channel it is most space efficient.  A pen tool draws a line around the subject and you can create a path. Also, control your path very nicely with creating beautiful curves.


  • If you have enough time then you can try to play around with action in Photoshop. If you shoot your own product, take a few hours to play with Photoshop. Always try to customize your own jewellery photos on your own and try to make the jewellery photo look pretty. 


As a professional photographer, I always prefer to get the white balance setting right in the camera settings than fixing it in the post production. The radius value by making thechange you can control the area.

A little suggestion, the commercial photographer always feel to customize jewellery image to increment their portfolio design. Also, they don’t have time to edit jewellery photos in number on their own. It is very advanced process thus all of you may not carry out. To provide high-quality jewellery photo editing, you can visit Color Clipping Ltd. for the best Jewelry photo editing possible in the market

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