How to be a Member of American Photography Association

Membership of APA & Benefits for the Photographers

How to be a Member of American Photography Association

Among all the world-renowned photography associations, American Photography Association is one of them. It organizes for the native photographer but other countries photographer can join in the association. To become an aspiring photographer, you can be a part of APA. By this, you can showcase your photos to visitors from around the world.



APA arranges competition, exhibition, communication, and promotes photographic works. It is established to develop & enhance the photographic knowledge of America & the world photographic commitment. It is the platform to build a professional photographic creation.


Membership of APA

The membership for the APA is open for professional, emerging, non-professional photographers. It also includes videographers, photojournalists, students & faculty for all levels who are on around the world.   

The association objectives are to promote you, your photography & business. It’s an opportunity to join here, to recognized & respected photography membership organization in the United States & around the world. 

Joining process-

  • The membership application submits
  • The application review & approval
  • The membership card & press card issued

The code of the members-

  • This card used to identify the APA membership, it only for use by the owner, not to other purposes.
  • When the card has sealed, it will take effect
  • The association has the right to take any legal actions if the badge & seal of the card is altered or forged.
  • Membership holders have the responsibility to maintain the constitution & have to paid membership fee in due time.
  • If the membership card will be lost or damaged unfortunately then the card will be declared invalid. To reissue a new card will be applied the application and face examination.  


Benefits of membership

As a member, one can create a customized self-managed association member profile through this membership. Inclusion in the Association Membership Directory such as name, company, website, email, social media & other info. You can get your own dedicated web page on the Association’s site which can include your name, website, contact info & portfolio images.

You will have an opportunity to be selected as a featured photographer and the opportunity to license photos via the association’s marketplace. Also, you can earn revenue from the association member affiliate program.  If you want, then you can get more benefits to be added on an ongoing basis.

APA Photo Festivals

APA organizes & sponsors a little few world-class photography festivals in the United States & around the world such as-

  • Miami Photo Festival
  • Las Vegas Photo Festival
  • British Photo Festival
  • World Photo Festival

In conclusion, it is easy to say that the mission of American Photography Association is to promote all level of photographers & to attract & inspire potential new photographers. Because via programs these new photographers can get a platform to showcase their work & talents. It can be benefited for Members & the general public.

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