Master Photography Awards 2018

MPA Photography Contest Midnight 31st July 2018

Master Photography Awards 2018

The Master Photographers Association (MPA) is known as the qualifying platform for professional photographers to show their talent to the world. This is a photographers’ community whose fundamental goal is to support and train professional or amateur photographers.

The MPA follows industry standard three-layer monitoring and qualification system. It has a partnership with the photographic trade. It drives to support and educate photographers from all levels of professionals or newbies.

MPA photography contest

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Through a community network from both local and global photography scene, MPA brings photographers together from all around the world. Every year it organizes photography contest just to do that. This year's competition is going to be the biggest and best ever competition.

If you are a photographer with passion, this has a potential for your business for massive success. The trophies and prizes and media coverage that you get are quite exceptional.

This year’s competition is still open for submission with only Entry price is £9.99. In 2018 version sees some major changes to the MPA competition which will simplify both the entry and judging process. MPA has decided to change the categories from 27 to just 4 in this year.

Below are the categories MPA photography contest:

2018 awards categories

The UK Photographer of the Year and International Photographer of the Year will be chosen from images awarded as winners and Awards of Excellence.


Any type of portrait image like pets, equine, reptiles, newborns, maternity, babies, children, teenagers, families, dancers, boudoir, nudes, etc.


Any type of wedding image in all the different forms and types like reportage, classical, relational etc.


Any type of commercial work taken to promote a business/service like as industrial, travel, landscape, commercial, advertising, architectural, Fashion, Press & PR etc.


Any image that you are sure - portrait, wedding or commercial, fine Art/Illustrative, Street Photography etc. can be submitted for the MPA photography contest.

If you are a student, then the entry fee would be reduced and only £1 per entry.

This doesn't mean that there only be 4 prizes. The judges will give a score to each picture inside the four categories and will then evaluate the most scoring pictures to figure out for which categories it will win the prize.

Previously this process was impossible as images were overlapping between categories and judges faced difficulty scoring photos. But this year it has become simpler and easier. This year’s competition also allows to enter non-commissioned work in the contest and you can even use pictures taken two years before.

 The rules of the contest are the following are:

  • There is no limit to the number of entries you may submit
  • Entrants are required to upload a digital for each image - maximum 4500 x 3600 | minimum 2400 x 3000 pixels.
  • Images previously entered for MPA national awards are not permitted, including reworked images
  • Images produced on photographic workshops/seminars are not permitted. (unless you were the tutor running the workshop)
  • Non-members may only enter the “Open” classification.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated by the judges and will result in disqualification.

The closing date for entries for digital files is Midnight 31st July 2018. When notified prints will need to be received at MPA Head Office no later than August 31st, 2018. You can register and submit your entry or if you are a new user you can entrant your profile.

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