Make Body Shaping by Photoshop Experts

Get The Best Body Ever Only by Photo Editing Experts

Make Body Shaping by Photoshop Experts

However controversial topic body shaping is, we all like to see ourselves in the mirror in good shape. Forgetting about this point of dispute, I am striking today how can you get the best body ever only by editing photos?

So let’s start with the photos of you or models that you want to reshape into a good shape. A little bit & it makes look like she’s got a little bit of a stomach here. So we are going to go & cleanup & clean that up & adjust her pose what we want to do.

We are going to use the puppet tool but before we do that want to make sure. We are not working on a background because this is flattened we cannot move it. We need to convert this to a regular layer quickest way.

I know to do that is hit the alt or the option key double click & then we go just converted to layer zero. Now we can go ahead & use our tool so let’s go to the edit tool. We are going to go down to the puppet warp here. We see our little frame here this is showing you know where we can add our mesh & where we can add our points.

So what we want to do is to start adding some points or some pins. So we want to put one here & because we want to lock this down. We don’t want anything to move outside of this area right now. So let’s just put some around here & these areas. I want to lock this down so I am just going around there. lock it down all the way to here now why don’t we make some points here. That we may want to adjust & then we will set another one here & at this point.

We can do is we can select multiple points here we can select a point by clicking. If you hold the shift key, we can select multiples. We can hide the mesh now just by clicking up & then we can just gently pull this back & start to reshape. Now if you don’t like what’s happing here, just hit the shift key turn one off.

We will just pull these two in right now or we can select individual ones just by simply clicking. You can see how we can do that but you would be a little bit careful. Because you don’t want these to move in a way that’s unnatural to create pinching.

So we kind of pull these in a little bit pull that one down let’s pull this one down. A little bit too just to make it a little bit more natural. We can actually you know you that area there & see how we can really change this push it back. Increasing your posture, a little bit let’s put out shoulders back a little bit pop that in like.

Seeing how we can just really change this is a lot of fun get very carried. Away you don’t want to get too carried away to make her where she looks anorexic. After see how we can just change the posture right there as well it’s really fun.

I like this tool & then when you are ready to apply it just at the enter key. Then we can look what if we go we can go before & after you can see how we have. Really kind of cleaned that up a little bit now the other thing. We can do too if we want we can go in & we can do.

A little bit of finalizing here by using D liquefies we go into here. We are going to go to the liquefy tool here. Let’s grab a big brush here & then we can just simply drag just very gently here.

We can suddenly have got perfectly flat stomach so we are just kind. Just shaping her a little bit let’s take this down a little bit. There’s a little bit pinching there so we are just cleaning up that pinching there.

We go & then if we look at this we want to compare this just so you know. We can use a pressure sensitive tablet on here so let’s just click OK to apply it. There we go have just gone & cleaned that up really nicely & of course.

You know when it comes to the ethical side of that I will let you decide what’s right & what’s wrong. As far as reshaping bodies I am just teaching you techniques. Here right now so because I know it’s a very controversial topic right.

Now so when you do that be careful not to overdo your retouching because if you start overdoing it know you some of your work can start to come into question be a little careful.

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