Should know Invisible Mannequin Photography Technique That’s Helps to Sales More

Need to take invisible mannequin shots of your clothes

Should know Invisible Mannequin Photography Technique That’s Helps to Sales More

Invisible mannequin photography is a technique to showcase garments product. It is particularly useful for photographs like blazers, jeans, jackets, and shirts. It helps customers more easily realize how it will look like in themselves. Many renowned brands and retailers prefer this technique to showcase their wearable products.

It is nearly impossible to make this look without a lot of post-processing techniques. But using special ghost mannequin you can implement this technique. I am going to discuss how to go with invisible mannequin photography.


The equipment you need to take invisible mannequin shots of your clothes- First of all, you will need some equipment to take the photos. Here are some mandatory items-


  • Ghost mannequin - You would need modular mannequin. Meaning you need to be able to remove arms, chest etc from the mannequin.
  • Camera - Any camera would work. But I recommend a Canon EOS 5D Mk III. It is an industry standard camera.
  • Studio lighting - A continuous lighting source with cool LED lamps
  • Your products - shirts, jackets, coats, blazers, and dresses
  • Styling tools - Clips, pins, tape, tissue paper to fit the cloths tightly


Choosing the right mannequin for your clothes

You need to choose a mannequin that fits the product. It’s very important because ghost mannequins can be of different size and styles. If the size is not correct then the photography will not be correct. It's better to have different size of mannequins to experiment.  When you are done with the right mannequin, line up your clothes in logical order. Its means which one you want to shoot first should be on top.

Identify which part need a mannequin

First, select which items you need to remove from the modules of the mannequin. Like when Using a blazer for this example, you will have to remove the ‘V’ chest piece for the lining. Carefully remove the chest module.

Now you need to gently dress the mannequin with your product. Be very smart to use pins and clips to fit the garment on the mannequin. Make sure they don’t show up on the photos. Style the dress so that it looks attractive. You can use different styles according to the current trend.


Set up your lighting and exposure so it highlights the key features. Perfect your zoom and focus on the product. You need to be very creative and think about how your customers will view the photo.


In conclusion, every e-commerce site promotes their wearable product by using invisible photography techniques. It gives customers a perfect idea with a different look. That’s why the customer can get the idea & it’s beneficial for them.

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