Focus Stacking! Helicon Focus the Solutions

To Get Detailed Images With 100% Optimized

Focus Stacking! Helicon Focus the Solutions

“Nope, the pictures are not actually focused. My clients are not accepting this picture and they are going to throw me out of this project” –is this the tone of you after photographing for hours and at the dead end of the project. Then actually you are not alone. Thousands of photographers like you have the same thought about their photos that product, people or scenery whatever the image is, they are not focused and obviously not viewing the full details being blurred in some portions of the subject. So,

“How could I get the crystal-clear, detailed and focused photos?”

The answer is simple- Focus stacking.

To achieves the extended depth of field of an image (DOF), Helicon Focus is the way to get the professional focus stacking solution. It is the ultimate focusing tools that not only create crispy photos but also detailed images. It is also able to work in batch processing mode maintaining every small portion focused on photographs. So this focus stacking software is ready to deliver you the image that draws attention to other tips or tricks cannot simply provide.

Focus stacking also refers to focus blending and focal plane merging or z-stacking.

So, this obviously exciting to you knowing that focused pictures can be created easily. Yes, detailed photographs are not that much painful like before. You just create a stack of images manually by adjusting the lens and take the shot. Otherwise, you can also go for Helicon Remote also to make the closest area of the subject sharp. Roughly take as many shots as you are required to cover the whole area of the subject. And that’s all, open the images with Helicon Focus to render the best possible focused images.

Why is Color Clipping your choice?

As far you have seen that sharp photos are easily created with the help of Helicon Focus retouching tool, which you can use for your projects easily. No extra hand requires. REALLY??? No, it's not. You need an extra helping hand to properly maintain the stack of images. Why’s that? Because, for instance, out of 10000 stack images as output, you will get 800 crisp-detailed images. Thus, you may now measure the trouble that you have to face.

helicon focus image

As you can’t endure the stress of handling this large number of stack photos, after a tight schedule of photography. Also, software is not that much accurate always, in this case, images loss its beauty and details. Whereas, Color clipping offers you to create the most ever focused and detailed photos in the least time from now on. Therefore, you can capture the details of every part of the subject with a lot of texture.

Color clipping inspires you to shot as many as stack photos and combine the stack into a fully focused image quickly and smartly.

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