Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In School Photography?

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In School Photography?

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In School Photography?

In the entire world, photography is the most popular art. There are many photography types like as product photography, apparel photography, portrait photography, school photography, nature photography, fashion photography etc. Comparing to other photography, school photography is far different than others. Because it’s all about the complete representation of schools. Thus, it includes student’s individual or group photos, building infrastructures, school aspects and so on.

In our childhood when we went to school, those memories are an unforgettable and irreplaceable memory for us. When we have grown up, we still see that photo which was taken our school life. To take school photography is not an easy task for a photographer. For this task, school photographers need extra photography skill to work on their every portion of photos. And, it needs crystal clear look.

School Photography:

Which photography is taken for school perspective is called School photography. Students individual and group sports day photography are under this school photography title.


Mistakes in School Photography:

Most of the photographer made mistakes when they are shooting their school photographs. As a professional photographer, I will suggest you avoid the mention mistakes.

  • Some photographers make mistakes when they are setting lights. If the light setting is not perfect then photos will not be shot perfectly. Dark photos will not look good. Set lights on both sides with an umbrella to reduce the shadow depth. Try to hang a roll of seamless white paper on the background. It will ease the post-production service if you want to get photo masking.


  • Background setting is necessary for photography. Some inexperienced photographer thinks the white background is boring. To become different than other photographers, they try to change the background. And they go for some fancy backgrounds. But it’s wrong.  Because another background destroys photos look. It’s a great mistake.


  • Without a tripod, when you take photos must be camera will shake. It will create a shaky image.  A couple of time photographer fail to focus their subject or student. Thus, the whole image becomes a blur. Try to use a tripod, neither it will be a mistake.


Focus Camera Settings

Focus on your camera setting before taking school photographs. You should focus on camera’s three parts that are ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed.


Aperture plays an important role for the camera. As a simple word, it is a hole in the camera body. It looks like a human body. It controls the depth of field and the amount of light that will be allowed to pass into the camera frame. Larger and smaller aperture related on good photography, that you should maintain.

The depth of field is the part of the aperture. It controls how many people on the photo and how many students will be focused in the photo. Large depth of field means most of the people focus on the photo. So, you need large depth for group photos. The Smaller depth of field means individual person focus on the photo. It will be helpful in single student photos.


ISO brings up to the same thing the light sensitivity or imaging sensor. It values check to exposure stops. Also, the increment of one stop will double the sensitivity. Now a day’s digital cameras sometimes can go low as 50 or high as 204800. For a good exposure first, you need to set the amount of light as you want to brighten your photos. Neither photo-post production can give you the solution to ISO mistakes

Shutter speed

Shutter speed is the length of time when the film or digital sensor of the camera is exposed to light. When shooting photographs, the image sensor is relative to the photographing and the amount of light that reaches the film or sensor. It is known as the exposure time of photography.

If this three setting is in the perfect adjustment as per the school photography requirement, you will get the best school photographs. Neither, post-production is there for you too. Thus, you can overcome your school photography mistakes.


Avoid Mistakes by Post-Production

  • While you set perfect lighting on the camera side and use seamless white paper and select perfect camera lens for shooting. If you set this then you avoid school photography mistakes.


  • White background changes the photo’s look. Inexperience thinking is wrong. A couple of time they want to try new things, it changes photos quality. These why the white background is the perfect.


  • Tripod is the essential part of photography camera. It can give an adjustment level which reduces camera shaking. You need to focus on the camera setting and photographs concept.

If you want to get good quality school photographs, you need photo editing after capturing photos. Photo retouching, background removal, photo masking, colour adjustments etc are including in photo editing process. These photo editing services can make a photo more beautiful than before.

As a school photographer, you need to focus on the camera setting and try to avoid the mistakes. If you can do this then only you can get a proper school photography look which is expected by everyone.

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