Ins and Outs of Clipping Path Job in Dhaka Bangladesh

Ins and Outs of Clipping Path Job in Dhaka Bangladesh

Ins and Outs of Clipping Path Job in Dhaka Bangladesh

Photography post-production is the most vital part to make creative and vivid Photographs.Professional & non-professional photographers are totally depended on it. To serve all the photographers demand clipping path job in Dhaka working day and night

For the lowest labour costing in this sub-continent countries photo-post production services are growing at the lightning speed. Especially, in Bangladesh has nearly 650 clipping path companies. Mysteriously, most of the company are in Dhaka city. Therefore, it is foreseen that clipping path job in Dhaka has become the BOOMING industry of Bangladesh.

Within the last 10 years, photography editing business emerged in Bangladesh. Some of the companies were founded between 2003 - 2010. Traditionally, all companies consist of graphic designers, image editing experts, SEO skilled personals, efficient web developers & a team of experts for technical support. Clipping path in Bangladesh is growing and the production house capacity has been increased enormously like 5000+ images on a single day.

There are all most 45 well-furnished companies. They all have the luxury decoration and modern set up. Around 15-20 companies have the capability to manipulate 5000 images per day. They all edit photos in Photoshop.

Clipping Path Company Features in Dhaka

The production houses in Bangladesh are structured to promote strong efficiency and integrity through their teamwork. All the designers and editors that work in this industry are dedicated people and hunger for creativity. All of them thrives to achieve industry goal. Most of the companies try to cover the Western European and American time zone. They facilitate this by running several shifts on a day. To gain this successfully, companies hire part-time designers and experts also work overtime. Whatever steps they need to take, they take those decisions immediately, but they always do bulk photo editing on time.


On time delivery isn’t a new thing to this industry, from the beginning, it is a key attribution of clipping path job in Dhaka. Because the basic motto of these companies is to satisfy clients with the highest quality photos. And deliver work in appropriate time fulfilling the business requirements. To maintain a remote job communication with the client, they offer 24 hours’ support.

One of the key features of clipping path job in Dhaka is Less expensive price and more effective output. Also, for technical infrastructure, they offer high-end bandwidth ISP.

Top 5 Companies in Dhaka

The primary goal of a photo editing business is to deliver images on time maintaining quality. Also, clear communication with the client is offered by companies support team. Here is a company list who are providing clipping path job in Dhaka, efficiently:

  1. Color Clipping Ltd.: Color clipping is a registered photo post-production Company in the UK. With 100 full-time designers, they are available with the 24x7 live support team. They can process 3500 + image manipulation per day. They deliver their work by high speed dedicated broadband line (ISP).100% quality works. they have FTP server for the security of client’s image. They have a full team to provide the best quality editing service. Company registration number is 10296706 in England and Wales.
  2. Color Experts International, Inc: 24/7days’support system. Price starts at 49¢ Per Image. Per day 5000+ image processing capacity. Timely delivery & skilled graphics designers with full dedication. Registration No: 07548969 in Virginia, USA.
  3. TradeXcel Graphics Limited: 100% quality works. More than 170 experienced designers who can do 4000 image editing per day. FTP server for the security of client’s image. Don’t show company registration number.
  4. Clipping Path Zone:  24/7 image editing service provider, 60+ full time highly skilled experienced professional designers done 3000 image per day. Secure FTP ID & password for each client.  10+ quality controller. High-speed connection. But we don't see any strong reference to company registration.
  5. Bording Vista Ltd: Bording Vista Ltd. is 50% owned by the Danish F.E. Bording group which was founded in 1792. They haven't a strong legal entity in Bangladesh. Here they worked as outsourcing basis.

Photo Editing Company friendly Working place

Possibilities of Clipping Companies:

Though photo editing industry has lots of positive sides, they have some drawbacks too. I won’t describe it as negative points, it is just the possibilities of clipping companies. For instance, a group of freelancers working together and they call themselves a company. When a huge workload comes to them, they fail to complete the project on time. And makes clients unhappy. The number of this type of company is too little but they are making bad impressions for this industry.

Also, Photoshop experienced designers are available, but not in that much as industry requirement. Because junior designers interchange company frequently. Thus, their proficiency circle in the same manner. They don’t get the chance to develop their expertness in Photo editing.

So, to get the best possible service from clipping path companies, you need to be assured about its policy, strength, capacity, the age of company, legal authority, and so on. This will assure you of misleading and fraudulent companies who will dissatisfy you. But, the number of this type of photo editing company is not high. Therefore, nothing to worry about the service quality of clipping path companies in Dhaka. Because they have the efficiency to serve you best quality image editing at the cheapest price under any workload. And, it is the excellence of Bangladesh photo editing industry only. That’s for sure!!!

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