Brush Stroke Smoothing in Photoshop

Brush Stroke Smoothing Option in Photoshop CC

Brush Stroke Smoothing in Photoshop

In this blog, I will discuss the brush stroke smoothing option & the paint symmetry technology premium in Photoshop CC.

First, the brush stroke smoothing. When you select the brush or the pencil or the mixer brush or the eerie search tools. You’re going see a new sleuthing control in the options bar.

You can enter a value from zero to hundred. The higher value, the more smoothness is added to your strokes. So when you set this down to zero, you are going to paint a stroke. But I think you can see that there’s maybe a bit of jittering going on in that stroke. When you increase the smoothing to a hundred percent, you can mimic the stroke and can see enough it is a lot smoother. So, stroke smoothing has several different modes that you can access using the gear icon.

In the options bar by default, the stroke is enabled. It means when you paint then I pause Photoshop will go ahead & catch up the stroke. To the current position of your cursor, if you choose to disable, you can paint & pause. Photoshop will pause the brush.

If you release the cursor, it’s not going to catch up to the endpoint. You can turn on the catch up on stroke end. When you pause the cursor, Photoshop will draw a straight line between where you’ve paused & in addition where the current location of the cursor.

There’s an option for adjusting the zoom that’s going to help you to keep things consistent. When you zoom in & zoom out, it decreases this movie when you zoom in & increases the smoothing when you zoom out.

There’s also a pull string mode which can be really helpful. When making precise changes direction like sharp corners. So, you can tap your pin that will create the initial stroke. But you’ll notice that you can reposition your cursor.

Anywhere within the radius, nothing paints it’s not in too I pulled that string tool. Photoshop is going to start painting that way, I can pause & change direction very easily.

If you don’t like seeing that magenta leash as you’re painting, you can turn that off or you can change the colour by selecting Preferences. Then cursors & disabling it or changing the colour.

In addition, if you want to change the smoothing amount using a keyboard shortcut. You can hold down the option key on the Mac or the Alt key on Windows & tap a numeric key. So for example, you can tap 8 to go to 80%.

You can top 78 to go to 78% or you can tap 0 to go to 100%. If you want to set the smoothing to zero, tap zero twice if you need to turn smoothing off completely. Also, you can use the smoothing option in the brush setting.

Alright, let’s talk about paint symmetry. So this is a technology preview & you need to enable it. By going underneath your preferences technology previews, you can enable the paint symmetry. Also, you’ll see a butterfly icon when you have the paintbrush.

The pencil or the eraser tools you are going to select a hard round brush. You may know the paint’s Eritrea doesn’t work with this brush tips. So your airbrush tip or the bristle tips or the invertible tips work when you click on the butterfly icon.

You can get a drop down of all the different types of symmetry. You can select new vertical, to select one of the types. You can have the option to transform it in this case. You can undo that & then just tap enter a return to lay down their axis.

So you can paint on one side & can see that Photoshop creates a completely symmetrical drawing. On the other side, you can undo that & choose a different axis. Maybe horizontal, then you can see the same thing occurs.

All right, you can undo that & choose the new dual axis. And finally, you can tap into a return in order to apply it.

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