Best Camera to Buy for Photography

How to Choose the Best Camera?

Best Camera to Buy for Photography

There are different types of cameras present in the current market. Some features passionate users, professionals, or even an individual desire to carry the best camera on their shoulder. Whatever you are seeking in your next camera, this content will cover the best camera features, how to choose the best one matching your demands, and a list of cameras with their benefits.

Best camera Features

A good camera is needed whether you want to take attractive photos for profession, portfolio, project, holiday album or even out of your passion.

There are two types of cameras on the market now. But DSLRs are the most popular ones, the other one is a Digital camera. When you are thinking of a big pro camera you picturize a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera, that’s for sure. Because this camera type features all that should have in a photography camera. For instance,

This camera is made of two main parts of the body and the lens. The lenses are interchangeable. You will need both parts to take a photo, but the quality depends on the lens mostly. And DSLR camera offers the best lenses which are comparable to be human eyes.

Cameras have different kinds of features. Some of them are essential and again some of them are cool but used rarely. Here are the features that you need to look for in a good camera.

 How to choose the best camera?

Manual mood:

Manual mood is an essential part of the camera. This mode gives you full creative control over. In automatic mode, the camera selects aperture, shutter speed and ISO (the three triangles of photography) for you. But in manual mode, you have to select those three things by yourself, where you have to have so much control.

Now, automatic and semi-automatic modes are helpful. But as you are getting pro you have to learn to take pictures using manual mood. So, check if the camera has manual mood or not.


DSLR Camera or Digital Camera?

Depending on the type of photography you do, the lenses that you need would vary. If you are a wildlife photographer, then you would need a wide lenses camera but if you are a portrait photographer than normal DSLR would do for you.

Choosing a camera to buy is actually depends on your photography and what you need. Small, easy to carry, and in general offering noticeably better performance than a cell phone camera;

noticeably more expensive etc. can be your measures to buy the best one.  

Photographer’s Requirements

White balancing tools, Replacement camera straps, Memory cared wallets, tripod, cleaning kits, camera bag, Tripod, Filters, Memory card Reader etc. are needed to capture great photographs. Also, you have to look for Collapsible Reflector, External hard / Solid State Drive, reflector kit and so. Therefore, you have to check all these features in camera. It’s difficult to fulfill all your requirements in a single camera. Nor it’s not the decision to make instantly. Camera buying guide, comments, reviews etc. can be your guide throughout the process.  

Most popular camera list is given below, you can buy any of this to use on your work-

1. Nikon D850

High resolution meets high speed

2. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

One of the most complete DSLRs we've seen

3. Nikon D500

Nikon's baby D5 is perfect for the action photographer

4. Nikon D7500

Nikon's enthusiast DSLR is a brilliant all-rounder

5. Canon EOS 80D

A great step up for EOS photographers

6. Nikon D3400

The D3400 is basic but brilliant

7. Canon EOS Rebel T7i / Canon EOS 800D

A compelling combination of top-notch ergonomics and a superb sensor

8. Nikon D750

A full-frame DSLR with performance, versatility, and value

9. Canon EOS 7D Mark II

As fast as pro DSLRs but priced for amateurs, the 7D Mark II ticks all the boxes

10. Nikon D810

Nikon's full-frame favorite combines sky-high resolution with solid build and value

Courtesy: TechRadar

Lastly, most of the non-professional photographers, use a cell phone camera to fulfill necessity. But many cell phone camera has ultimately limited function. It’s poor lighting face difficulties on using any night click. Though it is a useful camera for amateur photography.

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