The Beach Photography Secrets

Beach Photography Post Processing

The Beach Photography Secrets

My first beach experience is a magical one. It is the first time I experience an abundance of sand. It was also my first time where I was allowed to jump in the water without any problem or issue.

As a nature Photographer, it was a great experience for me with the natural beauty. This experience filled my heart with joy to experience my first time on a beach. It was my first official tour to an island in our country.

From the moment we reached our resort, every one of us dives into the tremendous joy. We were waiting eagerly to finally play with the ocean. This was a memorable moment for me and I could not wait to capture the beauty and everyone’s joy when I get to the beach.

The weather was pretty good and water was in a perfect condition. The sea was playful like us, it should be. Most of the boys of our group were already in the water. They were playing with the water. The lighting was pretty good at that time as it was around noon.

At the middle of the noon on the beach, there was too much light. Thus, I was careful about the brightness in photos. Sometimes, I need to check water reflection, bouncing light and colour. I use a circular polarizer to cut through glare the surface of the water. Thus, I can see the colour and details underneath. But I proclaim to put it away if you want to capture reflected light.

Beach Photography- Mid-Day:

 The brilliant colours in the water really come out at mid-day – but watch out for blown highlights. I know that you’ve heard you should only shoot early in the morning or late in the evening. but don’t believe it. Sometimes, mid-day light can make a world of difference.

On mid-day, the sea was beautiful and sunlight was lighting like jewels in the water. I took a lot of close shot portraits of people having fun. I took some of the shots of boats that were floating in the sea. Most of them were fishing boats and fishermen were catching fish.

I should tell, capturing the boatmen were an easy task. Coz they are swinging with water waves; they are not still. The perfect shot is a million dollar shot, in that case. However, I became able to shot a wondrous picture being wetted with the salty water. On that moment, I care only for the image, but not being wet.

The most glamorous moment was an evening because the sunset was awesome. I took shots of wide range view of the sunset and people enjoying the twilight. In each second light was playing in a pompous way. The view was vivid, sometimes I thought to just enjoy the mesmerizing light movement. But as a photographer, I resist my temptation to restrain from photographying.

At these times the natural light was tinging with warm colour, thus I lower the contrast to get the more attractive effect. Shining from a much lower angle, the sunlight illuminates the most subjects softly and evenly.

Beach Photos Post-processing:

When I came back home, most of the photos were good, but some of them had issues. Let me share some of the experience doing post-photography of the beach. Some of the shots I took are facing out to the sea.

But what was interesting is that the photos I took from the water’s edge had the best shots. One of the challenges for me was it was mid-summer on the beach and the light was very bright.

Most of the photos I found out that people have shadows on their faces often cast by hats, glasses, noses etc. I had to switch on flash for most of the photos. The problematic photos were those ones that were captured at night. The light was getting reflected everywhere. People had red dots in their eyes in the photographs. Actually, I had to do a lot of post-processing to this photo to solve this problem.

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