American Society of Media Photographers, Inc

This community Sponsors of ASMPNY offer Members Many Different Discounts.

American Society of Media Photographers, Inc

American Society of Media Photographers, Inc. New York state is a community of professional photographers from New York USA. Its goal is to provide service to promote photography and list out vendors and media photographers from New York.

Each year it organizes many services like a monthly journal; online photo galleries; image evaluation; study groups; courses; competitions; an annual conference; opportunities for recognition of photographic achievement and many more services.

This community provides services like training, conferences on imaging to professional photographers. It also includes insurance, discounts and medical help to photographers to help grow their business.

ASMP is an excellent place for young photographers to learn new things from the absolute pro photographers. They arrange different types of workshop throughout the year for training and companionship. You can get admitted as a vendor or a member.

There is an opportunity for professional photographers to showcase their work here and get new jobs. Your portfolio and listing would be visible to the clients.

Become a Member

There is a different type of membership you can be a part of. Each of them has separate facilities and requirements. I am going to discuss each membership in Membership Categories.

General Members

To be a general member, you must be actively and professionally engaged in publication photography with three or more consecutive years. Alternatively, else you can have substantial publication experience from the date of the first published work.

You need to show that your income mostly comes from your publications and it should be more than 50%. As experiences required and to get a membership, two General members of ASMP must sponsor you.

Dues: $335.00

One time Find a Photographer fee: $50.00.

Associate Members

If you are not eligible for the general member’s program, you can apply for this type. You don’t need three years of experience here. You can sign up as a novice in this category. Associate members enjoy most of the benefits like general members, but you will not be listed on Find a Photographer, and you will not have a vote.

Dues: $225.00

Many people fall into this category. The Associate photographer divides into further subcategories.


It is a one year only category where people are serving as a transition for photographers who are starting out or are assistants. After some time, you will be able to apply for Associate membership

Dues: $140.00

Affiliate Members

Affiliates are non-voting members, and receive the same benefits as an Associate member.

Dues: $225.00


Students of the college or post-secondary level are a member of this category. Written proof of enrollment from a department head or admissions office or class schedule on official school letterhead must accompany an application.

Dues: $45.00.

For more information about membership contact: [email protected]

As an ASMP member, you will be entitled to many beneficiaries like specific discounts for members and other exclusive benefits varies depending on the individual company's interest.

If you want a printer-friendly overview, ASMP's a wide range of benefits to improve your business.

If you have an issue with a specific benefit, please contact the benefits partner's customer service.


This community Sponsors of ASMPNY offer members many different discounts. B & H offers ASMP members a 3% discount when ordering online. Click the link above into the National website and follow to B & H link.

-New York Chapter Discount: Show your member card and get 30% off

Health Insurance

This organization provides many types of health insurances to photographers to cover their physical health. You can view these below links to get more information about the health facilities provided.

Finally, this is an organization for professional photographers. It provides training and gets you jobs through your experience. We suggest that before joining gain some professional experience in photography.

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