Don’t Miss Out Advanced Retouching Tricks for eCommerce Products

Jeans Styled for Length and Then Retouched in Post-Production

Don’t Miss Out Advanced Retouching Tricks for eCommerce Products

In today’s post, I will discuss best practices which leading manufacturers are following to retouch e-commerce products. This will help you to enhance product image and generate more images. And finally to increase your product sale.

Also, I will discuss how big companies use advanced retouching to boost their brands. We are talking about advanced techniques of retouching, not the basics. I assume you understand how shape, crease deduction and symmetry modification make clothing products more appealing.

For Apparel Products

Nowadays apparel product photography represents shape with fitness. The main goal of the photography is to enable the customers to view fitted garment picture. They gain knowledge of how they will look wearing the clothing. Meanwhile, they decide to buy the garment product.

It does not matter how good with fashion product photography. It's impossible to create a perfect shape of the product in the studio. The products seem to always crease, wrinkling which prevents a good looking fit.

Smoothing packaging creases eradicates major distractions. And enable customers to measure what it will be like to wear the jeans. This is the basic goal of clothing retouching. Changes are only done to remove drawbacks. Don't try to change any features of the RAW image. Whether concentrate on how good the fashion product will look. And without damaging the fitness of the clothing.

Jeans styled for length and then retouched in post-production

The pin line merges with the rest of the pant in post-production. Styling and retouching, working together allow to control inseam length.

Leading companies sell a lot of jeans. Henceforth they always want to make sure their website has a consistent presentation. Consistency gives a professional impression. Also, they make it easier for a customer to compare items. When details are visible, customer’s eyes fix the site. Whereas, distractions like not attracting images reduce sale rate. For example, it’s the best practice to show all pants hems and waistlines are curved in, out, or straight.

Give the product a consistent look everywhere. Pay attention to details of the product measurements. Don't make any change that will completely change the features.

In general, most common retouching involves fixing the edges of the garments. And deleting the objects that stick out of the edges. By retouching, remove the misfit problem areas like wrinkles at mannequin armpits. At more advanced level retouching means balancing out the light and shadowing product shots clothing.

Symmetric & Asymmetric product images

Beauty in our physical dimension represents a symmetry across a vertical axis. Whereas, apparels does not have to be symmetric to be beautiful. But product means symmetric when it fits in a body. So product images are symmetric for e-commerce sites. The asymmetric structure represents a sloppy end, especially on head-on shots. They make correct alignment during post-production.

Retouching of Shirts

For example, a principle part of retouching shirts to maintain the consistent distance between the arm and the body. So e-commerce product seller fixes this asymmetric features from fashion products by retouching.

Shoe Retouching

The major challenges in footwear product photography and post-production are how shoes show signs of wear. Footwear retouching is all about cleaning up the image. Several shoes are shiny which makes unwanted reflections, shows scratches and scuffs. Some leather products show the slightest occurrence of use. Another place of distraction is the joint of the sole and the shoe. The area gets covered with dust, glue etc. Leading footwear companies like Georgie's Bridal Shoes, Mislistudio, Old Sole Boots, Pokupki RU, Sultry Steps, The Yellow Hare, and much more are displaying their shoes reducing all the distractions.

It is very hard and time consuming for a retoucher to clean a shoe. It’s simple to remove the dirt and unwanted objects. E-commerce seller removes stickers and tags from the shoes which are very dirty and clumsy. By post-processing phase, they remove the stickers. There are many techniques to remove the stickers and recreate covered areas. Another fact is that neat laces are an integral part of the beauty of shoe product. Get a quote for retouching service to clean them up like other established companies are doing.

Bags Photography

Bags photography describe the combination of the footwear and garments retouching. Because bags have more flexible shape than footwear. While using the components that show wear more rapidly than garments.

Bags leather cracks easily and is in need of repairing. Also, this imperfection is viewable with the zoom. Retouching improves the full shape without the bumps and shadows. So companies foresee reshaping and cleaning up as the main goal of bags retouching.

E-commerce Image Editing Requirements:

All in all, in the e-commerce business, whatever the product apparel or jewellery, e-commerce inevitably requires image editing. Most of the time they seek to edit group shots up to 4 products on black or white background for oversized products up to 2 feet (longest side). Also, there are other services like colour correction, dust removal with high-resolution 4000*4000 300 DPI (before crop). Addition to this, natural shadow or reflection when needed accelerate the beauty of the product.

Models Beautification

Models are an integral part of product photography. It does not matter how good is retouching of the product images. But to sell products heading companies show attractive people who are using the products. So to do this they hire a model. After that, they are also retouched to look perfect in the photo.

You can tackle the problem of imperfect spots on models face, skin colour by retouching skins of the models. There are many ways to retouch product images that are on-model. But you have to be very consistent on using the technique on every product image you retouch.

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