Shoreditch win the division two champions title

East London football team Shoreditch win the division two champions title

Shoreditch win the division two champions title

Shoreditch has finally done it, they have won the division two in dramatic fashion.

As a football club they have made their remarkable debut in the session of Inner London Football League by their winning to the final match of Division Two championship.

The team itself is made up of a group of friends who used to play 11-a-side football together in their youth. But now, catching busy schedule they reunited to play football once a week.

Sayed Miah’s men controlled the League from the beginning. They had conceded the least number of goal for a strong back line in all three divisions. This strong back line was their winning secret.

Also, Sayed expressed his joy of winning the title,

” We are just so proud of the performance, it is a great victory for us. Full-time result 1-0 that is the result we predicted. My boys, they really played well, they didn’t stop.”

“All the players stick to the game plan and their style, they didn’t stop playing when goals aren’t coming. But finally, the result is 1 nil down. This victory will lead us to our future and that’s the way I believe”

Though the victory wasn’t easy for the Reds. They overcame adversity after midfielder Mohammed Abu Thahir (Shahin) suffered a heart attack at Mabley Green in the season. But it was a great comeback for this man and his team in the next-to-last game to start rhythm in the match.

Man of the match Shahin after some health issue returned to the field to inspire a 1-0 win over Riverside B with a last minute goal from top scorer Abdul Salam.

Crest from Shoreditch

Top scorer Abdul has commented,

” we are just capable of coming back, that we have known finally. We just stay calm and play out our own style. We didn’t go from the best start, thus we can’t score early. After the halftime, we got the teams’ strength Shahin come out with firing and help me to score the winning goal.’

And great inspiration to the team Shahin has commented,” To be the winners of a final match is a heaven happiness. Because now we are the champion and can roar louder that we are the best team. When you have completed a match by winning its worth of every effort we have taken in our practice session. As a player of this great team, I feel so proud.”

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