Proify International Photo Competition

Inspiration to The Young Photographers

Proify International Photo Competition

Proify is a yearly global photography competition for non-professional, enthusiast & expert photographers. For enthusiastic photographers, this award provides an opportunity for a great entrance into the world and achieve recognition worldwide. Proify offers huge prizes, merit awards and trophies including opportunities to get exposure in the photography industry.

Proify offers young dreamer photographers- recognition and respect to become a successful professional photographer. The financial support the award provides can take photographers one step up in their career.

Inspiration to the young photographers

With over $5,000 in prizes up for winning and various prizes over a different type of categories, Proify could be photographers initial phase to become ultimately professional. Photographers who are young, they need to develop and enhance as an expert photographer by putting their work up for thought in contrast to the other professional photographers.

How to enter?

Entering the contest is simple. Photographers should pick their best work and the category it suits. The work will be judged by a worldwide board of prominent photographers and given a check out of 100. The general winner will bring home a precious trophy while the primary spot will bring home the Major Prize esteemed at over $3,000 USD.

The best part is that photographers can submit as many as they want. It increases the chance of winning the award for them. In three short years, the opposition has developed. Surprisingly 16,800 individuals from the 62 nations around the globe have submitted their photos in 2017. At this time, we have seen some entries and given away $16,000!

But to support the award, it needs a photographer to provide fees to enter their photographers. All entry charges go straight again into the competition prizes, here are the fees.  USD 23 (4 or More Entries), USD 25 (3 Entries), USD 27 (2 Entries), USD 30 (Single Entry). All entry fees go straight back into promoting the competition, your photography and the winning entries.

Photographers are inspired to submit their photos from touching wedding shots to street photography, portraits to the landscape.

Criteria for photographs selection:

Landscape Photography

Scene photography has a remarkable capacity to motivate wonder and a feeling of association with the general surroundings. Regardless of whether a photo of the sun topping from a city horizon at daybreak, this is well-known for classification can possibly inspire the judges.

Street Photography

Under the urban fortification where urban communities wake up and a million lives are played out once a day. A solitary road entertainer or the cluster of business people walking through the rain.

Portrait Photography

Smoky eyes, an overbearing grin or an empty look would all be able to include magnificence in the representation classification. Spotlight on uncovering the story behind your subject's demeanours through inconspicuous points of interest and you'll naturally bring the additional profundity required for this classification.

Wedding Photography

Love might be noticeable all around – yet more often than not so are exceptionally hung feelings and many different components to be considered. In spite of the unpleasant circumstance under which wedding picture takers work, their pictures can be among probably the most suggestive and persevering.

Retro Photography

Instagram has taken retro styling in photography back to the standard. Never has taken pictures been more enjoyable. Because of channels and impacts that change a common picture into a nostalgic restoration of previous year's visual stylish. Remember on the past.

HDR Photography

Extend the perspective of your wonderful photograph with the utilization of HDR. This classification looks to locate the most intriguing and amazing pictures utilizing the cautious cross section of numerous exposures. Be careful not to over process your pictures.

Travel Photography

Travel photography is a type of photograph articulation that can take pretty much any shape. Particularly individual and outstandingly freestyle, travel photos can centre around pretty much any topic

The 4th Annual International Proify Awards opened the doors to all now of possibilities. As it invited professional photographers to submit their entries this year. Amateurs, non-professional and professionals, competed for the major prize, an all-expenses-paid luxury photo tour in New Zealand. The competition invited the judges from various expertism including portrait, landscape, wedding and much more. Hopefully, the winners of Proify 2018 Photographers award will be published on the website on 15th Dec 2018.

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