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Professional Photographer of America is a Nonprofit Association

Join Professional Photographer of America

Professional Photographer of America is a nonprofit association. It was founded by photographers for the betterment. 30000 creative members more than 50 countries, those who desire to take photography and entrepreneurship. By this they want to go the next level and develop profitable and sustainable businesses.


With PPA photographers are allowed to learn how to maintain and eliminate the gap between you & your customers. It is for the photos what you create and the product your customers want.

Lastly PPA offers range of services to photographers including protection, resources, education. It has a huge community who are always to help you with solutions that are priceless. Even if want to get a college degree in photography, PPA has courses on photography.


Here is the list of services that PPA provides         

  • Photography-business education via in-person events and online learning
  • Protection for your business and your gear
  • Mentors and a community of photography peers
  • Degrees and certification opportunities
  • Government advocacy and help with copyright protection
  • Perks and savings thanks to industry partnerships
  • Marketing tools designed to target your ideal clients
  • Inclusion in Find-a-Photographer online database for consumers

Photographers benefits:

Everyday more and more photographers are entering into to the industry and small number of them know how to run a business with profit and does not have any support.

That’s why PPA was founded to help and support photographers with resources, training, insurance and other facilities to keep their business running. It provides some valuable services to the photographers. Yearly PPA organizes 150 meetings for advocacy purposes. This meeting help photographers a lot.

PPA has deep discounted credit fees so that photographer save their money in lot of places. Moreover, it has many insurance policies in cheap cost like general liability, business owner costs.

It also offers certification. This certificates helps photographer to get good deals. The mission of this organization is to create and maintain a vibrant community of successful professional photographers.

Photographers wherever they are in their career can benefit from being a member of PPA. It represents to provide photographers all the tools they need to satisfy customers.

To be a successful photographer and run a business every photographer needs to have tools and education from the society. No matter what you do you need professional guidance from successful photographers.

You need to have business knowledge to achieve overall success. Photographers when registering photographers will get well recognized degree and other facilities as like as insurance for their equipment and savings, deeply discounted credit card processing rates etc.

How to Join PPA

As far you have known all about the features, benefits and programs of PPA, it is better time to join PPA now. To be a part of this great photographic society, sign up for PPA. If you have desire to be a professional photographer, register with PPA as fast as you can.


There are different types of membership plan involved when registering. It depends upon which services you want to use as Professional Active Membership, Additional active Membership, Aspiring Membership, Student Membership, Canadian Membership, International Membership, Elite & Elite Plus Membership, Life Membership, Retired Membership, Corporate Membership.

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