Photoshop Selection Tools for Deep-Etch

Get the Accurate & Handmade Clip Out of Undesired Objects from an Image

Photoshop Selection Tools for Deep-Etch

Most probably photographer’s best choice is Photoshop as a go-to post-processing software. The beauty & power is the huge number of tools & editing options have on it. Those are creating a photography look unique & authentic.

To select areas of an image, need to more appropriate handling with these powerful tools. Selective editing is important actually in the area. For changing the brightness, contrast & other characteristics of a certain area it is the best option. Selection tools are most useful in an image. In Photoshop has more option to selection methods.

In Photoshop tools panel selection tools are work on many elements. Rectangular marquee, elliptical marquee, lasso tool, polygonal lasso, magic wand, quick selection, refine selection brush, auto selection, smart brush tools.

Use the rectangular & elliptical marquee tools: Draws square or rectangular and round or elliptical deep-etching

  • Select the rectangle marquee tool or the Elliptical Marquee in the toolbox.
  • Set marquee tool option in the tool option bar
  1. Create a new selection, add a selection, subtract from a selection or select an area by other selection.
  2. Make soften the selection border so that blends the outside selection, enter a feather value.
  3. Select anti-aliased to smooth the edges of your selection.
  4. Select Mode pop up menu, choose normal to visually set the size & proportions of the selection border, fixed ratio to set a width-to-height ratio for selection border.
  • Which area you want to select that hold down the shift key to drag constrain the selection or circle.
  • Click Refine Edge to make further adjustments

Use the Lasso tool: To get the precision deep-etch and draw freehand deep-etching

  • Select the lasso tool the toolbox
  • Set lasso tool option in the toolbar
  1. Specify a new selection to add existing selection
  2. Smooth the edges of your selection, select Anti-aliased
  3. The soften selection border blends into the area outside the selection, enter a feather value.
  • Drag to draw a freehand selection border
  1. To add the selection, release the mouse button, press Shift & when the pointer changes
  2. To subtract the selection, release the mouse button, press alt & when the pointer changes to drag.
  3. The selection border releases the mouse button.
  • To close the selection border, you have to release the mouse button. a straight selection segment is drawn from you release the mouse button which starting point of your selection.
  • You can click refine edge for further adjustment.

Use the Polygonal Lasso tool:

The Polygonal Lasso tool can draw straight-edged segments. You can create many segments as the need to draw a selection border.

  • Select the Polygonal Lasso tool from the option of toolbox
  • To create a new selection, add an existing selection. And subtract from a selection an area intersected by other selection.
  • Click where the first straight segment to begin & click a second time to the segment to end

Selection tools have various tools, those works in Photoshop. Photographers are depended on this type of software. Throughout this selection process or deep-etch service, you get the accurate and handmade clip out of undesired objects from an image.

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