How a Photographer Can Be a Supporter of The Guardian

How a Photographer Can Be a Supporter of The Guardian

How a Photographer Can Be a Supporter of The Guardian

The Guardian is a British national daily newspaper which is part of the Guardian Media Group. It is owned by The Scott Trust Limited created in 1936. The Guardian is a safeguard for journalism freedom as well as liberal values. Most importantly, it is from political and commercial hindrance.

The Guardian is edited by Katherine Viner. The newspaper has only UK online edition also two international websites Guardian Australia and guardian US. The newspaper had an average of 189000 printing copies, as the report of August. The online edition was the fifth most widely read newspaper with 42.6 million readers all over the world, as of October 2014. It is a fact that in a combination of print and online edition it reaches the peak of readers nearly 9 million.

Regular Content and Features:
Before 2005, the main section of the newspaper was in broadsheet format but the supplements were in half-sized tabloid format. The exception in glossy Weekend section which was a 290×245 mm magazine and The Guide was in 225×145 mm.

Now the main section has changed to the Berliner format and the Sports section has moved to a “magazine sized??? semi-Berliner format. But, Weekend and The Guide are still in the same format as it was before 2005.

Become a Supporter:
The Guardian always inspires newbie photographers to join with them. Purposely each of the new photographers can send their pictures by contacting them. Each week Guardian weekend magazine showcases readers photographs which taken on fixed them. To become a supporter of the newspaper photographers can email to [email protected] with a short description of the photographs and the inspiration to take the image. If the image is a real shot, not copied, photographs can be selected and for publication Picture Team is at the sole discretion to select picture. It is only The Guardian who may only edit, cut, crop or change graphics as they think it will be fit to appear in print as well as the website. This whole terms and conditions are governed and interpreted according to English Law and the English courts.

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