Oregon Professional Photographers Association

Annual OPPA Open Image Competition

Oregon Professional Photographers Association

The Oregon Professional Photographers Association provides professional development for serious photographers. It offers educational help to becoming good photography. It provides a sustainable & profitable lesson on their business career.

By this competition, you have to receive the best way to improve & learn your skills as an image maker. Have to maintain some rules which use PPA for the International Photographic Competition. PPA-style images are formative to OPPA members. This association has the opportunity to a social gathering with photographers & build fellowship.

Membership of OPPA

Several levels of membership are on there-

  • OPPA Annual Membership auto pay or manual renewal
  • Life Membership
  • Student Membership with a valid Id is required a valid college or high school
  • Annual Affiliate Partner Program
  • Annual Partnership
  • Corporate Sponsor Membership

Nancy Steele is the director of OPPA membership. She assists a new member to find out membership which is preferable for newer.

OPPA Educational Scholarships

OPPA provides educational scholarships to selected members. They must be having a qualification standard. In 2018, OPPA is offering two $250 educational scholarships & its deadlines for apply is November 16, Friday. At December on Members Banquet or mailed, this scholarship will be awarded.

Annual OPPA open image competition

Incoming; Saturday,11 November 2018 Annual Open Image Competition 2017 will be held. Members & Non-members will welcome to enter the competition. To enter the completion, it is a great opportunity to learn something new.

Events on next

  • Summer Social at Lucky Lab

05 August 2018 (5 pm-10 pm)

  • Video for Photographers

11 August,2018 (9am- 4.30pm)

  • Street Portraiture- A Portland Walkabout

25 August, 2018 (9am- 4.30)

  • Quarterly Image Competition (September)

13 September 2018(6 pm-10pm)

  • Photoshop- Retouching & Color Grading Techniques: Sam Tarrel

15 September 2018 (9.30 am-5 pm)

  • The Fine Art of Printing

6 October,2018 (9am-4.30pm)

  • A Night with the Pros: Utterly Irreplaceable – Finding & Owning Your Niche Market w/ Ara Roselani

11 October,2018(7pm-9pm)

  • Inside The Competition Workflow

27 October,2018

  • Landscape Photography: The Craft. The Technique. The Art. The Vision

7 November,2018 (9am-4.30pm)

  • Think Like a Competition Judge

9 November,2018 (9am-4.30pm)

  • Annual Open Image Competition (November)

10 November,2018 (9am-5pm)

  • LUMINATE 2018

10 November 2018 9 am to 11 November 2018

  • A Night with the Pros: The Business of corporate & Architectural Photography w/Steve Whittaker

10 January,2019 (7pm- 9pm)

  • Newborns & Babies101: Safety, Soothing & Sustainability

23 February,2019 (9am- 4.30pm)


As a matter of fact, OPPA is an association for serious photographers as their professional development. It may provide a favor for creating sustainable skill as image makers. Because it helps in developing a profitable career for photographers & efficient photography industry.

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From start to the finishing of Shahriar is Photography. He focuses on capturing photos that tell its story. Thus, he steps outside and captures the surrounding consisting colourful imagery. With love, the habit of sharing ideas with photographers, he blogs consistently.

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