Improve Photography by the Natural Light Reflector

Some Tips on Using a Reflector Effectively

Improve Photography by the Natural Light Reflector

In terms of photography, light is the most crucial thing. A photographer cannot shoot without it because the beauty of photos is all about light. Reflected light in a photography can give a photo life with a more aesthetic view. You can use natural reflected light. But a reflector is a valuable tool for inside & outside of the studio for a photo shoot.

A reflector introduces light on photography subject. It is normally used to bounce, diffuse or flag natural & artificial. In this blog, I will share a simple guide to select & use a reflector in your photographs.

Reflector buying guide

It is a little bit confusing when you are deciding to buy or use a reflector. It's because of the different shapes, colours, sizes and features that company offer. Whatever, when there’s no natural reflected light, you can buy a folding reflector. It’s a fabulous equipment and has multiple surfaces. Thus, it becomes the most efficient one.

Reflectors are not that expensive and you can get them in various shapes and sizes and colours. Most effective of them are the ones which have multiple reflective surfaces.

Reflectors which have a sleeve covering translucent fabric attached to the foldable frame. This sleeves you can remove and reverse as per your need. Generally, this is with white, silver, gold and black colours.

Let me share some tips on using a reflector effectively

The primary way to use a reflector is having someone to hold it. The light and the angle of the reflector in relation to your subject is important. You will have to position it at the best angle. You have to choose the reflective surface very carefully because the surface should be selected based on whatever you are working on. Like if you use a golden or silver reflector on a sunny day it will reflect a lot more light which will be inappropriate, white will be the best choice in this case.

When you shoot for individual portraits or want the more portable option to buy smaller one. If you want to make the light softer, use a larger reflector to diffuse the light over a broader space. My personal choice is a larger reflection. Because a fresh dynamic effect can add depth to natural portraits. Light can be used naturally and it is the easiest way to use a reflector.

The light falling off the subject is the most important thing to control the strength & quality of reflection. When you are doing Candid portraits anything from the right angle making can affect the subject. Light bouncing off from a nearby wall or pavement can make your skin shiny. But, you need to have a trained eye to catch those reflected lights.

For example, if a lady is standing behind the strong sunlight, if the light is reflected back into her face can make a perfect portrait. Also, you can pose your subject in the opposite of naturally reflecting to make use of direct brightness. This naturally occurring light has multiple reflective surfaces. But what will you do if there are no natural reflected sources, but you need one? You use a reflector.

So, that’s all for today to improve your photography by the natural light reflector. On next blog, it will be lot more discussion about real facts of the reflector that will help you in portrait photoshoot.

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