5 Tips for Mastering Camera Lenses

Every photographer changes lenses time to time because of their need

5 Tips for Mastering Camera Lenses

Every photographer has their own choices. Along with photographer personal taste and preference, there is various kind of cameras and lenses are available. So there’s become a complexity of mastering camera lenses based on photographer preferences.

Generally, every photographer has two or three favorite lenses that they like to use. Every photographer changes lenses time to time because of their need. Thus they become experience using lots of lenses over the years. The most important aesthetic decision for a photographer is to choose a lens for this purpose.

If you want to get a successful career as a photographer, you have to know which lens is better for you. The world of negotiable lenses can be both breathtaking & baffling for all levels of photographers. When you know the rules of mastering camera lenses, you can create dramatic and eye catchy photographs.

Here are essential 5 tips for mastering camera lenses

  • Real skill and ability to use a lens come from many hours of practice. If you can use only one lens for at least thousands of hours of your photography period, you can be a master of camera lens. Because only then you get to know the lens pretty well. You will know specifically camera lens pretty well and why it is good and in what condition it performs well.
  • Part of mastering your lenses is about learning how they perform at numerous apertures. You have to measure 2 things here – technical performance and aesthetic quality. Lenses do not perform consistently and capture a quality image every time. The key factor is to find balance with image quality and the aperture that you are using.
  • The quality measurement gets harder when you are using zoom lenses. It's because of the focal length. The image effect and sharpness depending on the focal length too. There is a small number of lenses who can give you same quality across the focal length. When you use zoom lenses out, you should think of them as several prime lenses are placed in one lens.
  • It does not matter if you like a prime lens or zoom lens, it is very useful to use your feet to zoom in or zoom out to your subject. Getting closer to the subject gives a different perspective than away from the subject. You will get a concise look at the subject with the closer look. Try to get close shots to be master of your camera lens.
  • It is thought that lens is related or associated with the specific subject. But rather it's not. You can choose wide angle lens for landscapes and short telephone lenses for portrait photography.

At the end, I would suggest you change your perception of mastering camera lens. If you experiment with your camera lens on your own, you may get a better result than this. Also, try to use different lenses for different situations. It might give you astounding images.

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