In-house vs Freelance Photographers- Which One Should You Choose?

Comparison Between in-House vs Freelancer

In-house vs Freelance Photographers- Which One Should You Choose?

Nowadays there are several choices for photography services. Agency or individual can choose either in-house or freelance photography for their next projects, events, celebrations, magazines, businesses etc. But it can be difficult to decide which photography service provider you should choose because both photographers have their unique pros and cons.

Is it in-house or freelancer? Which one should you hire a freelancer or an in-house photographer for your startup or agency work? This content will show you the right path to select whether you will go for in-house or freelancer for your next project mentioning their advantages and disadvantages.


 Basic features of In-house Photography

In-house photography guarantees the best quality photographs. As in-house employs own staff who have great photography skill and knowledge. They also acquire expertise on shooting in correct light and color adjustment. These approaches sum up to get you the exceptional quality photos.

As the in-house team is experienced, there will little or no learning curve involved. They have already been immersed in the culture of the company. So you can avoid mistakes working with in-house and enjoy the complete satisfaction.


Basic features of Freelance Photography

Freelancing is more like a sole agency. They like to work on your project and get some experience to raise their portfolio. They are your assistant throughout the project. They are cheaper because they don’t have any overhead to run a bug agency. They can be called on for project completion from anywhere.

Freelancers offer the flexibility of time schedule and faster work delivery. They can work worldwide network in different time zone.


How will you be benefited from In-house Photography?

  • Quality photographs
  • Expert photography techniques
  • Strong commitment to complete the project
  • Longtime partnership
  • Manage project efficiently
  • Use of technology
  • Expert photographers available


How will you be benefited from Freelancing Photography?

  • Cheaper price
  • Flexible time schedule
  • Higher scalability



Comparison between in-house vs freelancer

Freelancer doesn’t have that long-term vision as it is in an in-house photographer. Freelancers are not that much expert as in-house photographers. They are like to test and learn through the project of yours. But it’s not in the case for experienced in-house photographers who are in the freelancing industry for several years.

From freelancers, you are not going to get the same loyalty and dedication as like you will get from the in-house.

And from in-house photography, you are going to get the killer shot every time. Whereas you cannot be sure of quality photos from freelancers.


Go for In-house Photography if -

  • Longtime project
  • Need higher quality photos
  • Have high-volume photographs


Go for freelancing Photography if-

  • You are a startup
  • Low volume pictures
  • Low budget


The ultimate decision


Generally, a freelancer can’t afford the latest camera and gear for photography. Thus there is a huge chance of getting the low-quality photos.

If you are thinking about optimizing your financials, you need to go with the freelancing. Thus you can save money and time both, in terms of staying ahead of your competitors. But if you choose freelancing there is a risk factor of hustling to find out photographers in the next week for the next project. So you are always switching, always working to find the next great photographers.

To find out the best professional freelancer, first, you need to test their skill and determine their suitability. It is a long process and requires a considerable recruitment time. Managing the time schedule and different languages drawbacks the quality of photographs. Also, priority and security of service cannot be assured with freelancers. They can stop photography in the middle of the project and you can do little about it.

In-house photographers have high-volume photography pressure, therefore, the turnaround time increases. Also, working with in-house is not that much flexible like freelancers. They follow a strict working schedule and propaganda, thus there’s a minute chance to get your job done in your customized way. As in-house photographer uses the high rated expensive camera, a large number of employees- they eventually charge more than freelancers. 

But in some cases hiring a freelancer may end up in a situation to find the perfect match fulltime photographer for your project. When you become comfortable with the freelancer and he is just doing a great job, it’s an opportunity to hire him as a full-time photographer.


So, it’s not easy to say which one is better than the other. It totally depends on your internal requirements that what kind of work you want to do. It’s for sure that your cash will be saved but you may have to compromise with photo quality if you choose a freelancer. But if you seek quality, then you must work with in-house photography. 

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